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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Description: This activity is about how propaganda is used to raise awareness, influence thoughts and feelings, and generate opinions. What do you think about propaganda? Should businesses and politicians be allowed to persuade people to do things they normally wouldn't? Martin Luther used some rather blatant scenes to describe his point of view. Standard 7.9.1

Author: David R. MacDonald, Fillmore Middle School

Lesson ID: 13

Luther Sparks the Protestant Reformation

Description: By challenging the authority of the Roman Catholic pope in 1517, Martin Luther brought about the end of Christian unity in Western Europe. The resulting Protestant Reformation changed the course of Western civilization.

Author: Constitutional Rights Foundation, Bill of Rights in Action

Lesson ID: 1309

Roadmap to the Jewish Golden Age of Spain

Description: This lesson helps students to discover for themselves, through analysis of media and of primary source historical documents, how Jews achieved high levels of assimilation and acceptance under Islamic rule during the Golden Age of Spain. Students will engage in research, small-group discussions, whole class discussions, poetry readings, and dramatic performances, among other activities. Assessments include class and small-group participation, individual journal reflections on material viewed or discussed in class, and oral and fine arts presentations. Standard 7.9.7

Author: Teaching Heritage, Thirteen Online

Lesson ID: 1510

Search for Deliverance 1492-1789

Description: Trace the migrations of Jews across Europe after the expulsion from Spain. Explore the development of Hasidism, Messianism, and the study of Kabbalah. Read an account of how the prosperous Jewish community in Poland met with catastrophe and massacre in 1648. This lesson was designed to support the PBS documentary Heritage: Civilization and the Jews and is enhanced by but may be used without access to the DVD. Standard 7.9.7

Author: Teaching Heritage

Lesson ID: 1581

The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre: A Religious Reaction in 16th Century France

Description: History is filled with religious reactions. The Crusades were a reaction to the spread of Islam, the Protestant Reformation was a reaction to corruption in the Catholic Church, and the Counter-Reformation was a reaction to the Protestant Reformation. The French Wars of Religion were a reaction to the development of Calvinism, a form of Protestantism that believed in the predestination of human souls. Learn about the French Wars of Religion and their lasting impact on Europe in this set of primary source-based activities. Standard 7.9.4

Author: Meredith McGann, National History Day

Lesson ID: 1076

5 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 7, Unit 9, The Protestant Reformation
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