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Life in a Medieval Castle: Playing the Game

Description: Follow James the Jingling Jester through a medieval castle. Learn about the general design of a castle and what the different objects and rooms looked like and were used for. Eventually, the jester will lead you to a secret room full of objects. Unscramble the letters you have collected to spell the name of one of the objects in the room. Click on the mystery object and await your fate! This ThinkQuest Project is a good ELL site. Standard 7.6.3

Author: Salford Hills Elementary School, ThinkQuest Junior

Lesson ID: 662

Medieval Times

Description: During Europe's Middle Ages, castles were built for one primary purpose: protecting people and property. Here are nine activities to learn about castles. Standard 7.6.3

Author: Mackie Rhodes, Scholastic Instructor

Lesson ID: 711

The Black Plague

Description: Your old pal Professor Sy Entz has been reworking his Time Travel Machine in the garage. You have stopped by after school and muse half-aloud, "Wouldn't it be great to travel back to the days when people wore those interesting clothes and there were fortresses and knights and damsels and all of that kind of stuff?" "Of course," mentions Professor Entz, "this was a time of great pestilence, including cholera and the Black Plague!" "Yes! Professor Entz bellows. "This Plague was so deadly that is took until the 1800s before the population again rose to the numbers before the Plague, about 500 years!" Before going as a traveler on one of several journeys to start, either as a Pilgrim or as aTrader/Voyager you will need to research the plague. The plague was spread by these trading and pilgram routes, as travelers went from town to town. Find out about the plague during modern times and during the Middle Ages. Use your journal to keep track of what you find out along the way. Good Luck on your Journey! Standard 7.6.7

Author: Corey Wisnia, Orange county Office of Education

Lesson ID: 1023

Turrets and Treachery

Description: Explore how and why people make and implement rules and laws. Then use the internet to learn about why people from many different social classes and stations in life during the Middle Ages had rules and laws and how feudalism enforced them. Delve deeply into the issues at one of the nine learning centers on: Life in the Country; Town Life and Guilds; Castle Life; Knights in Shining Armour; Medieval Arts and Leisure; Health; Women in the Middle Ages; The Church; or Crime and Punishment. 7.6.3, and 7.6.5

Author: Faye Elliot and Connie Sherlock, Ministry of Eduation, New Zealand

Lesson ID: 1142

Widening Wrld of Books and Readers

Description: Printing began a technological revolution that facilitated the communication of ideas and the preservation of knowledge. It would be hard to imagine society, as we know it today, without unlimited access to ideas. Without the communication and preservation of ideas made possible by the invention of printing and the technological advances that have improved the process over the past five centuries, public knowledge would largely depend on what institutions dictated scribes to record. Students explain the impact of printing on the communication of ideas, give examples of religious themes in literature, explain how printing broadened readership and promoted literacy, and explain how the spread of ideas advanced Renaissance humanism, the Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution. Standards 7.6.8, 7.8.1, 7.8.4, 7.8.5, 7.9.2, and 7.10.2

Author: Huntington Library

Lesson ID: 1498

15 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 7, Unit 6, Medieval Europe
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