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Castle Builder - A Problem-based Activity

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Description: You are a Medieval Castle Builder in Wales in the year 1076. You have been hired by Baron William de Clare to build the strongest and most beautiful castle in Wales. Your castle plan will be judged on how well it serves the needs of the people, incorporates the Baron's requirements and demonstrates a creative, eye appealing design. To see what Ms Godlewski's class created go to Standard 7.6.3

Author: Linda M. Ricchiuti, California Technology Assistance Project

Lesson ID: 192

Sworn to Serve

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Description: You are a member of a wealthy family in 10th century England. The Roman Empire has long since fallen and feudalism is now prevalent in England. Your family seeks to become the vassal of Lord Whinesalot. As vassals, you'll get land, protection, power and wealth. In return you must provide the lord with loyalty, taxes, and soldiers. Standard 7.6.3

Author: Colin Kenney, Grace Yokeley School

Lesson ID: 999

Adam of the Road

Description: Read Adam of the Road with your class and then complete one or more of these online activities: In Activity One, you will study songs from the Middle Ages, then compose your own song; in Activity Two create your own Moment in Time poster; in Activity Three research an occupation of the Middle Ages and write an essay comparing the job to a similar one today; and in Activity Four create a game based on real games played during the Middle Ages using ideas or events from Adam of the Road. Standards 7.6.1, 7.6.3, and 7.6.8

Author: Debra Gaulin, SCORE Langauge Arts

Lesson ID: 24

Bubonic Plague Role Play

Description: Perform this role play about the Bubonic Plague and then in groups of 3 or 4, develop a hypothesis for the cause of the Bubonic Plague during the Renaissance. Standard 7.6.7

Author: Cindy Symons and Kristi Thomas, Utah State University

Lesson ID: 165

Castle Discovery

Description: Castles are portrayed as cold, damp, dark places. Were they always like this? We see them in need of serious repair but were they always like this? Learn why, how and at what cost castles were built. Find out why they stopped being built and finally decide how castles could be useful today. 7.6.3

Author: Larry Taylor, Windaroo State School

Lesson ID: 193

Catherine, Called Birdy

Description: Through the novel "Catherine, Called Birdie" explore life in the Middle Ages. Try your hand at medieval cooking and hold a class feast or learn the meaning of key terms through reading an interview with the author. There are five student activities but numbers two and three are the best. Standard 7.6.3

Author: Marycay Densmore and Joie Nolasco, SCORE Language Arts Cyberguide

Lesson ID: 194

Discovering Charlemagne's World

Description: The date is December 26, 800. Charlemagne was proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor yesterday, and he feels the need to send ambassadors to the rest of known civilization, proclaiming his new title. You three are his best advisors, so he comes to you for advice about where he intends to send his diplomatic emissaries. Your job is to research and report on the world during Charlemagne's reign. Standard 7.6.4

Author: Nicholas Klaiber, Katie Penza, and Katie Rice, University of Richmond

Lesson ID: 1402

Door in the Wall

Description: The story Door in Wall by Marguerite de Angeli takes place in the Middle Ages. Life during this time period is revealed through the experiences of Robin, a ten-year-old boy who hopes to become a knight. After becoming ill and losing the use of his legs, he struggles to overcome his handicap and prove himself a hero. This SCORE Language Arts literature guide is designed to supplement the teaching of the Door in the Wall and includes both individual and group activities related to life in medieval times and overcoming physical disability. This interdisciplinary study of the middle ages ties together language arts, history, science, and art. Standard 7.6.3

Author: Betty Hennessey and Jeanie Pesicka, SCORE Language Arts

Lesson ID: 329

Henry II and Thomas Becket

Description: Learn about the tricky balance of power between the king and the Church during the Middle Ages. Investigate the story of Henry II and Thomas Becket. Understand Henry's struggle with the Church and the reasons behind Becket's murder. Standard 7.6.4

Author: School

Lesson ID: 1378

King John and the Magna Carta

Description: This brief overview lesson about King John and the Magna Carta highlights and explains several phrases from the famous document. Standard 7. 6.5

Author: School

Lesson ID: 1374

15 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 7, Unit 6, Medieval Europe
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