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The Three Doctrines & Legalism

Description: Based on what people believe is the right and proper thing to do, their behavior or their response to a particular problem could be very different. Even if people behave in the same way, they may not behave that way for the same reasons. The ideas of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Legalism all existed in ancient China but each had a different belief about what was true and right. How would people from each point of view understand the answers to these questions? Standards 6.6.3, 6.6.4, 7.3.3 and 7.3.6

Author: Don Donn

Lesson ID: 1082

Tracing the Silk Road Mapping Activity

Description: Create a map of the Silk Road routes. Trace the routes of the caravans and of Marco Polo. The history of the Silk Road section is derived from the SPICE unit. Standards 6.6.7, 7.2.5 and 7.3.4

Author: Dim Sum: A Connection to Chinese-American Culture

Lesson ID: 1110

U.S. Recognition of the State of Israel, The

Description: At midnight on May 14, 1948, the Provisional Government of Israel proclaimed a new State of Israel. On that same date, the United States, in the person of President Truman, recognized the provisional Jewish government as de facto authority of the Jewish state (de jure recognition was extended on January 31, 1949). The U.S. delegates to the U.N. and top-ranking State Department officials were angered that Truman released his recognition statement to the press without notifying them first. On May 15, 1948, the first day of Israeli Independence and exactly one year after UNSCOP was established, Arab armies invaded Israel and the first Arab-Israeli war began. Examine the original telegram and press release. Standards 10.9.6, 10.10.1, and 10.10.2

Author: Teaching with Documents, National Archives

Lesson ID: 17

13 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 7, Unit 3, China
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