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Coast to Coast Virtual Road Trip

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Description: You and a partner will be taking a coast to coast virtual road trip, visiting several U.S. cities along the way. In your travels, you will be developing your Internet searching skills, enhancing your understanding of American geography, improving your writing skills and engaging in economic decision making. Have a great trip! Standard 5.9.0

Author: Jerry Swanitz and Harvey Green, Santa Ynez H.S.

Lesson ID: 232

50 States Map Quiz

Description: Connect the correct name to the correct state in this timed U.S. Map quiz from 3rd Grade Challenge. You can also challenge a friend. Standard 5.9

Author: Pasadena IBM Users Group

Lesson ID: 71

Connect the States: Game from Postcards from Buster

Description: Compete with Buster to win this Bingo game of matching state facts. Learn about state flags, animals, and symbols in the process. Watch out, Buster is a sharp rabbit and usually wins! Standards 3.4.3 and 5.9

Author: PBS Kids

Lesson ID: 1550


Description: Here is a great National Geographic Society game to help make learning the continents, countries of the world, and states and provinces in North America fun. See if you can beat the timer! Standards 1.2.1, and 5.9.0

Author: National Geographic Society

Lesson ID: 442

States and Capitals

Description: Learn all of the states and capitals of the United States. Locate each state on a blank map and learn general information about the size, population, and when it became a state.This activity is not an information literacy lesson but a memory practice game for learning the states and capitals. Standard 5.9.0

Author: John Moreland, Idaho State Youth Services Center

Lesson ID: 979

The State Report

Description: Although it is the ideal for students to consult many resources for state reports, teachers really need to be aware of what's on the web. Classbrain has assembled state report resources for all those students (and parents) doing reports on U.S. states. Templates, clipart and other resources are available here. The websites gathered for each state include the official state websites, so this will be a place to start for many students. Standard 5.9.0

Author: Cynthia F. Kirkeby, ClassBrain

Lesson ID: 1081

USA Geo Quiz

Description: Learn the location of the 50 states at this interactive site. To answer the online questions, click on the map. There are also quizzes for state capitals and for major U.S. cities. Standard 5.9.0


Lesson ID: 1173

USA State Flags

Description: Select a state and print out a colorable copy and read short history of its flag. Or you may want to select the U.S. flag or the Great Seal. Then design your own flag. Doing a state report? Here's your flag for the cover! Standards 3.4.3 and 5.9.0

Author: Enchanted Learning

Lesson ID: 1174

8 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 5, Unit 9, States and Capitals
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