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Showing Grade 5, Unit 8d, Statehood: West and Southwest
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Perspectives of the Mexican American War 1846 - 1848

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Description: Using pdf files of primary sources materials, create up to four products demonstrating multiple perspectives on the Mexican American War. First, is a postcard showing the sites and describing the events. Second is a political cartoon persuading others to your perspective. Third is a poem from the perspective of one of the leaders in the war. As a culminating activity, create an oral report, written report, dramatic presentation, mural, debate, or diary. Standard 4.2.7, 5.8.5, 5.8.6, and 8.8.6

Author: Kathy Goff, Fontana USD

Lesson ID: 812

Adeline Hornbek and the Homestead Act

Description: Step into the shoes of Adeline Hornbek, a single mother of four who became a successful homesteader in Colorado. Learn about her life through the National Register of Historic Places registration file "Hornbek House" and historical documents. Experience the trials, hardships and acomplishments of frontier life. Standards 5.8.6 and 8.12.8 This would be a great supplemental lesson to support the book Sarah Plain and Tall since it covers the same time period. Standard 5.8.6 and 8.12.8

Author: Laine Weber, Florissant Fossil Bends National Monument

Lesson ID: 25

Annexation of Texas

Description: Students identify important individuals and issues associated with the annexation of Texas to the United States. In groups representing Texans for annexation, Texans against annexation, U.S. citizens for annexation, and U.S. citizens against annexation, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of adding Texas to the U.S. Standard 5.8.6

Author: Texas State Historical Association

Lesson ID: 1533

California's First Constitution

Description: How did California's constitution reflect the values of the political majority in the mid 19th century? Read excerpts from speeches made at the California Constitutional Convention, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, newspaper editorials and articles, private journals, etc. From this range of opinions regarding the rights and responsibilities of California's multicultural population, predict what the state constitution will say about slavery and other issues concerning race. Standard 4.3.5, 5.8.6, and 8.9.4

Author: Jean Mundell, Oakland Museum of California

Lesson ID: 181

Hispano Ranchos of Northern New Mexico: Continuity and Change

Description: The Spanish, who came in the 16th century to the area that later became New Mexico, found that the valleys near the Rio Grande could be farmed when streams were channeled into irrigation systems. More than two centuries later, they moved east across the Sangre de Cristo Mountains into new, greener valleys. They took their century's old traditions with them, but soon encountered new influences from the rapidly expanding United States. Study these historic ranch buildings to understand the ways in which ranchos in northern New Mexico provide evidence of the ability of Hispano culture to adapt to new influences while still maintaining its traditional character. Standards 5.8.5 and 8.8.5

Author: Teaching with Historic Places, National Park Service

Lesson ID: 1457

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Description: In groups, identify the issues/causes that led to the Mexican War. Categorize the data as long-term, short-term, or immediate. Each group reports its results to the class in order to create a comprehensive classroom list of the issues/ causes that led to the Mexican War. Groups match or link the articles of the treaty with the causes/issues that led to the war. Teacher will need to provide the background material to young or second language students before starting the lesson. Standards 5.8.6, 8.8.6, 11.9.7 (background)

Author: National Archives and Records Administration, Digital Classroom

Lesson ID: 1128

6 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 5, Unit 8d, Statehood: West and Southwest
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