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Showing Grade 5, Unit 8c, 1789-1850: U.S. Physical and Political Geography
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Corps of Discovery: Voyaging With Lewis and Clark

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Description: The purchase of the Louisiana Territory has doubled the size of the U.S. Lewis and Clark have just returned from their spectacular expedition, but as they are sharing their findings with President Jefferson, they are finding that some of their records are missing. Since you were on the trip and saw everything, you have been asked to help recreate a section of the journey for the official archive. Standards 5.8.3 and 8.8.2

Author: Marilyn Renger, Balboa Middle School

Lesson ID: 262

Landforms in the U.S.

Description: Learnabout some of the major kinds of landforms with a link to a picture or image. After you study these definitions and pictures do the following: 1.Draw pictures of landforms found in your region. 2.Write a description of the landform you have drawn. 3.Search for Internet sites that show images of landforms, or artist's works depicting landforms. Save the best images and pictures for sharing with others. Standard 5.8.2

Author: Kathee Terry and Martine Wayman, Athena Curriculum Earth

Lesson ID: 631

Landscape Painting

Description: Examine the landscape paintings of Catlin, Bierstadt, and Moran to learn not only about American art of the 19th century but the geography and values of the new country. Standards 5.8.2 and 8.4.4

Author: Education Art to Zoo, Smithsonian

Lesson ID: 634

Louisiana Purchase, The

Description: Written especially for students by Social Studies for Kids, this article highlights key information about the Louisiana Purchase. It links to more information about key people. The related Scavenger Hunt here will help students find the essential information. Standard 5.8.3

Author: Social Studies for Kids

Lesson ID: 679

Regions: A Hands-On Approach

Description: The process of defining regions, called regionalization, is essential when learning the characteristics of places in geography and history. In United States history this activity could help students define a region and determine that region's historical significance. For example, it could be used to define and describe the South prior to a discussion of the Civil War or to analyze the characteristics of Texas, Alta California, or the Southwest prior to a study of the Mexican-American War. Standard 5.8.2

Author: Directions in Geography: A Guide for Teachers, National Geographic Society

Lesson ID: 884

5 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 5, Unit 8c, 1789-1850: U.S. Physical and Political Geography
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