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Presidents' Day Web Quest

Description: Welcome to our Presidents Day Web Quest on President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln. You are a time traveler, going back in time to discover facts about these presidents. You will discover that Washington and Lincoln are among our most honored presidents. You will also find that they are our country's most beloved presidents. In this WebQuest you will find many interesting facts about these presidents, as you travel back in time to explore our national history. Standards 2.5, and 3.4.6

Author: Jacqueline Bailey, Summerfield Elementary School

Lesson ID: 854

Susan B. Anthony Day

Description: Learn about the importance of voting and the life and work of Susan B. Anthony. After a mini lectures on Ms Anthony, students write a tribute to her/her work. Then students branstorm a thing in society that they feel needs changing and create a newspaper advocating their ideas to the public in the same way that Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanaton did 150 years ago. Standard 3.4.6

Author: Holly Matthews, Teacher Education Utah State University

Lesson ID: 995

Taking a Stand

Description: Students begin by exploring the purpose of rules and laws in society, as well as some of the basic tenets of the Constitution that address equal rights for all citizens. Next, they examine historical examples of segregation and consider its impact. Finally, students thinking of the role of citizens, examine how civil rights activists responded to segregation laws and how the law changed. Standards 3.4.2, 3.4.6, and 5.7.5 *To access the lesson, registration to the Teachers' Domain site is required but free.

Author: Teachers' Domain

Lesson ID: 1572

The Right Stuff: What Qualified Washington to Be President?

Description: Create a list of the characteristics, qualifications, and skills that make an effective President of the United States. After reading a selection provided, determine the characteristics, qualifications, and skills that George Washington had that made him the right choice for President of the United States. Compare and contrast the changing needs for the job of President of the United States today and at the time of Washington. Standards 3.4.6, 5.7.4, 8.2.4, and 8.3.0

Author: National Portrait Gallery

Lesson ID: 1069

Two Tickets to Freedom

Description: Two Tickets to Freedom is a true story of fugitive slaves William and Ellen Craft. The story begins on a winter morning in 1848 when Ellen Craft, a light-skinned young slave, disguised in men's clothing, walks into a train station in Macon, Georgia, and purchases two tickets, one ticket was for herself and the other for her husband. Posed as a white Southern planter, and her husband, William, as her slave, she escaped to freedom. Standards 2.5, 3.4.6, 8.7.2, 8.9.1

Author: Patricia King Robeson

Lesson ID: 1147

15 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 3, Unit 4d, United States: Famous Americans
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