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President's Home and the President's House

Description: Research life at Monticello during the time of Jeffereson and the lives of selected presidents at the White House. Give specific examples demonstrating how the present-day White House reflects the duties, powers, and privileges of the office of President. Compare and contrast Thomas Jefferson's Monticello with the White House. Standard 3.4.3

Author: EDSitement

Lesson ID: 848

Purposes and Meanings of the U.S. Capitol Building

Description: The opening piece to C-SPAN's special, The Capitol, offers an overview of the purposes and meanings of the Capitol building from its inception in the late 18th century to today. Also, watch a clip from the second night of the series focused on the function and history of the U.S. House of Representatives. Standards 3.4.3 12.4.1

Author: C-SPAN

Lesson ID: 1538

The Liberty Bell: From Obscurity to Icon

Description: In 1776 the bell which later became known as the Liberty Bell was hanging in the Philadelphia State House, but no one knew it was anything special. Shaped by national and world events, the power of the 2,000-pound Liberty Bell's message grew in strength. A wreath was laid beneath the bell to commemorate the Thirteenth Amendment, which made slavery illegal in the United States. Crowds often gather outside the Liberty Bell Pavilion for candlelight vigils to exercise their First Amendment right to disagree with their government. Tourists from all over the world come to see this international symbol of freedom. Why has the Liberty Bell become such a symbol of freedom? Standard 3.4.3

Author: National Park Service, Independence National Park

Lesson ID: 1048

USA State Flags

Description: Select a state and print out a colorable copy and read short history of its flag. Or you may want to select the U.S. flag or the Great Seal. Then design your own flag. Doing a state report? Here's your flag for the cover! Standards 3.4.3 and 5.9.0

Author: Enchanted Learning

Lesson ID: 1174

14 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 3, Unit 4c, United States: Landmarks and Documents
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