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Showing Grade 3, Unit 4c, United States: Landmarks and Documents
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Documents and Symbols of American Freedom

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Description: Explore the content and meaning of key documents in American history such as the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Learn the importance of major symbols of American freedom such as the Bald Eagle, the 4th of July, the Star Spangled Banner, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam, Lady Justice and the Statue of Liberty. A glossary is included in this web museum for English Language Learners at the upper grades. Standards K.2, 1.3.3, 3.4.3, 8.2.1, and 11.1

Author: Dorothy Hutchens

Lesson ID: 324

Independence Day - A Problem-based Lesson

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Description: National holidays, songs and symbols. Your class will make their own flag, monument, anthem and holiday for their own Independence Day. Standards 1.3.2, 1.3.3, 3.4.2, and 3.4.4

Author: Joe Williamson, Colusa Community School

Lesson ID: 565

Rock 'n' Roll Presidents on Mount Rushmore - A Problem-based Lesson

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Description: Over 73 years ago, a historian named Doane Robinson had a dream to build a gigantic monument in his home state of South Dakota. Robinson came upon Gutzon Borglum, a sculptor, who was ready to take on the challenge. Borglum and Robinson wanted the monument to represent the ideals of our great American nation. "The Glory of Democracy" was the theme for this great monument. Robinson and Borglum chose four American presidents to showcase the concept on which the United States was founded. "Man has a right to be free and to be happy." Standards 2.5 and 3.4.3

Author: Debbie Sawyer, Westwood Elementary

Lesson ID: 912

Bill of Rights Song

Description: Learn the first 10 amendments to the Constitution the easy way with this Bill of Rights song, sung to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Standard 3.4.3

Author: Tatia Williams, Lesson Plans Page. com

Lesson ID: 143

California State Seal

Description: Compare the California Seal of 1849 with the current California State Seal. Learn the meaning of the different objects on the State Seal. Identify changes in the State Seal over time and hypothesize why elements have changed. Create a new design that may be submitted for consideration as California's 2005 quarter. Standard 3.4.3

Author: Learn California, California State Archives

Lesson ID: 179

Cherokee Removal

Description: Examine the issue of Cherokee removal from the perspectives of Andrew Jackson, members of Congress, and members of the Cherokee nation. Adopt one of the perspectives and engage in debate with their classmates over the issue of Cherokee removal. Standard 8.8.2

Author: Jennifer Erbach, Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project

Lesson ID: 475

Connect the States: Game from Postcards from Buster

Description: Compete with Buster to win this Bingo game of matching state facts. Learn about state flags, animals, and symbols in the process. Watch out, Buster is a sharp rabbit and usually wins! Standards 3.4.3 and 5.9

Author: PBS Kids

Lesson ID: 1550

Landmark Lesson: The United States Capitol Building

Description: What happens in and around the U.S. Capitol? What makes it an important U.S. landmark? After reading "The U.S. Capitol at Building the Capitol for a New Nation," learn about how the capitol has been used in advertising, and connect images of the capitol to important events that have happened there. Standard 3.4.3

Author: EDSitement

Lesson ID: 632

Monument on the Mall: A WebQuest on the Three Branches of Government

Description: Congress passed a law last week approving the building of a new monument on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Because of your interest and knowledge of the US government, they have chosen you to research and design this new monument. The law states that the monument must represent one branch of our nation's government and cannot be taller than the Washington Monument. The design idea is up to you. The members of Congress would like to see your completed ideas at their next session, which is in five weeks. In order for them to use your design you must meet this deadline. How are the three branches of government important to the United States? What will visitors learn about them when they visit your monument? Standards 3.4.4 and 5.7.4

Author: Marcia Sullivan, Missouri School Web Project

Lesson ID: 729

Myth and Truth: Independence Day

Description: Most Americans think of the Fourth of July as Independence Day--but is it really the day the United States declared its independence? This lesson explores all the dates and stories associated with the Declaration of Independence, focusing on the reason there are so many different dates and signings of the document and why we celebrate the nation's birthday on July 4th rather than one of the other dates. Standard 3.4.3

Author: Traci Gardner, Read, Write, Think

Lesson ID: 739

14 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 3, Unit 4c, United States: Landmarks and Documents
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