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Showing Grade 3, Unit 5c, Southern California: Economy
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Big Bear Valley Now and Then

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Description: Journey to Big Bear Valley in the San Bernardino Mountains. Learn about the Native Americans who first settled the area and then about those who built the dam and created the community as we know it today. Standards 3.2.2, 3.3.0, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.3, and 3.5.1

Author: Brian Adams, Technology Coordinator

Lesson ID: 137

How Big Were Their Footprints? A Study of Loma Linda History

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Description: This virtual museum will take you on a tour of Southern California history from Native Peoples through the late nineteenth century. You will explore the "footprints" left by people who inhabited the area near the modern city of Loma Linda. Each "room" of the museum has activities for you to do. Standards 3.2.1, 3.2.4, 3.3 all, 4.4.3, and 4.4.4

Author: Jim Shipp, Bryn Mawr Elementary School

Lesson ID: 515

Lake Arrowhead Virtual Museum

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Description: Today, Lake Arrowhead is a quiet resort community about eighty miles east of Los Angeles. But it hasn't always been like this. Explore the natural environment and the unique history of the region through this virtual museum. Learn how this mountain community changed from the summer home of the Serrano Indians, to a Mormon logging camp, and then to a resort after the damming of Little Bear Valley and the creation of the Arrowhead Reservoir and Power Company. There are activities for you to do in each room of the museum. Standards 3.1.0, 3.2.2, 3.3.2 and 3.3.3.

Author: Diane Bruns, Grandview School

Lesson ID: 627

Orange Juice - From the Tree to the Glass

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Description: This is a set of activities designed to help second grade students understand the interrelationship between production and distribution and develop an appreciation for all of the many people who work hard to produce and distribute many items students may use on a daily basis. Standards 2.4 all, 3.5.1 and 3.5.2

Author: Linda M. Ricchiuti - CTAP Curriculum Specialist, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office

Lesson ID: 788

Bananas-From Manolo to Margie

Description: This story makes learning economics fun as it follows a crop of bananas from a plantation in Honduras to the breakfast table of a child in the United States. Along the way the bananas are handled by many workers and carried on different forms of transportation. This kind of product is one of the many that would be found at the port of Los Angeles. The Chiquita links in the lesson are dead and can be replaced by Standards 1.6.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, and 3.5.2

Author: Barbara S. Yingling

Lesson ID: 119

Community Design Project

Description: The Community Design Project is a cooperative activity where students, working in pairs, create a model of a neighborhood. This ESL project is a good to use after students have studied topics related to neighborhoods, houses, stores, giving directions, etc.... Standard 3.5.1

Author: John Korber, New York City Public Schools

Lesson ID: 243

Exchange City: Learn About Bartering and Trade

Description: Learn about the process of bartering by exchanging with another child an item that is more valuable to you, but has approximately the same cost in the store. Standard 3.5.3

Author: Summer Wood

Lesson ID: 372

Social Trade-Offs - San Bernardino Forest

Description: Students practice the skill of decision-making through role-playing when they are presented with a scenario in which they, along with their brothers and sisters, have just inherited a section of forestland. They must attempt to balance their interests with those of their siblings in order to reach a fair settlement on the use and management of the land. Students will work as a class to evaluate the benefits, drawbacks, and potential risks associated with each alternative before making a final decision. Standard 3.5.3

Author: Science NetLinks

Lesson ID: 966

Your Town in the Past, Present, and Future

Description: After looking at pictures of Bodie, California, students see that this once booming gold mining town became a ghost town after the gold mining industry went downhill. People had to leave the town to look for work, and eventually no one was left. It's now a state historic park. Using this knowledge students research an environmental issue that affects their town or region, draw pictures assuming two possible outcomes for the problem in fifty years (one negative and one positive), and create a plan to educate the community about this issue. Standards 3.1.2 and 3.3.3

Author: National Geographic

Lesson ID: 1306

9 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 3, Unit 5c, Southern California: Economy
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