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Showing Grade 3, Unit 5b, Central California: Economy
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Blue Willow

Description: Learn about farming in the San Joaquin Valley, local county products, cotton growing and Highway 66 using the Internet. These activities can be done during or after you read Doris Gates' "Blue Willow." Standards 3.3.2, 3.5.1, 3.5.3, and 4.4.5

Author: Dana Weld, SCORE Language Arts

Lesson ID: 153

Community Design Project

Description: The Community Design Project is a cooperative activity where students, working in pairs, create a model of a neighborhood. This ESL project is a good to use after students have studied topics related to neighborhoods, houses, stores, giving directions, etc.... Standard 3.5.1

Author: John Korber, New York City Public Schools

Lesson ID: 243

Exchange City: Learn About Bartering and Trade

Description: Learn about the process of bartering by exchanging with another child an item that is more valuable to you, but has approximately the same cost in the store. Standard 3.5.3

Author: Summer Wood

Lesson ID: 372

Global Breakfast

Description: Explore the concept of global interdependence by investigating the origins of the foods you eat. Recognize the fact that many of the foods that you eat, and the ingredients that go into making them, are produced in other countries. Speculate about why certain foods are produced in different regions of the world, and what might happen if the production and/or distribution of these goods was to stop. Standard 3.5.2

Author: Science Net Links

Lesson ID: 452

Your Town in the Past, Present, and Future

Description: After looking at pictures of Bodie, California, students see that this once booming gold mining town became a ghost town after the gold mining industry went downhill. People had to leave the town to look for work, and eventually no one was left. It's now a state historic park. Using this knowledge students research an environmental issue that affects their town or region, draw pictures assuming two possible outcomes for the problem in fifty years (one negative and one positive), and create a plan to educate the community about this issue. Standards 3.1.2 and 3.3.3

Author: National Geographic

Lesson ID: 1306

5 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 3, Unit 5b, Central California: Economy
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