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Fixitup Faucet Company's Overseas Move

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Description: As Assistant to the Undersecretary of Commerce of a country abroad, you have received a letter from the Fixitup Faucet Company asking if your country is the best one in which to locate one of its manufacturing plants. You know your boss would want you to jump at the chance to build up the economic strength of your country. Research the factors about your country which would make this investment by the faucet company a good one. Create a business brochure and make a presentation to the Faucet Company's Board of Directors. Standards 12.2.7, 12.2.10 and 12.6.1 economics

Author: Judy Harris & Edy Jacobson

Lesson ID: 410

Latin America Marketing Project

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Description: You are part of a team of marketing experts that has been hired by a major American fast food company to study the feasibility of selling their product in Latin America. Each marketing team will to investigate a different product and Latin American country. Your group will then make an oral presentation to the C.E.O. and recommend whether your company should enter the Latin American market. Standards 10.10 all, 10.11, and Economics 12.6.1

Author: Madeline Antilla and J. DeMonet, Arcadia High School

Lesson ID: 636

Seeking a Balance in International Trade: Pacific Rim Import-Export Transactions

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Description: From the purchasing department of Pacific Rim Trading Company, one of the growing number of internationally focused California businesses, students must make a profitable trade deal. They select products for import and export and create strategies to buy and sell their products in another country. To be successful they must cope with fluctuations in currencies and other global factors which influence trade. Standard 12.6.1

Author: Robert O'Connor, Gahr High School

Lesson ID: 935

Show Me the Money

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Description: What kind of currency will the world need in the future? Will electronic "money" work or will we still need currency? You decide. Standards 12.6.3 and 12.6.4

Author: Leanne Westphal, College Connection

Lesson ID: 949

Which Country Will Make You the Most Money?

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Description: Foreign Exchange is the largest business in the world, period. The New York Institute of Finance estimates that somewhere around 1.5 trillion will change hands every 24 hours. Some of the world's currencies fluctuate 10-15 percent up or down against each other during time periods as short as one month. You are an International Money Trader in one of the following currencies: British Pounds (£), German Marks (.dm), Japanese Yen (´) or American Dollars ($). Study information about the country, its money and economy, then start trading its money. Standard 12.6.4 economics

Author: Denver Drieberg, Bloomington H.S.

Lesson ID: 1250

Coffee Makes the World Go Round: Exploring the Global Coffee Trade

Description: Coffee is the second largest US import after oil, and the US consumes one-fifth of all the world's coffee, making it the largest consumer in the world. In this New York Times lesson, students examine the concept of "fair trade coffee," then research facts about coffee and the coffee industry and create original exhibits to be included in a "Global Coffee Awareness Fair." Standards economics 12.2.2 and 12.6.1

Author: Clayton DeKorne and Javaid Khan,, New York Times Learning Network and the Bank Street College of Education

Lesson ID: 233

Columbia Free Trade Agreement

Description: View a 6-minute C-SPAN video clip of U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab speaking with Martin Crutsinger, Associated Press Chief economics writer and Greg Hitt, Wall Street Journal staff reporter about President Bush’s legacy on trade. Discuss or respond in writing to the issues presented in the Questions for Discussion. Standards 10.11, 12e.2.7, and 12e.6.1

Author: C-SPAN Classroom

Lesson ID: 521

Currency Exchange and the Gang of Fifteen

Description: Follow the "criminals" from the Gang of Fifteen as they travel around the world destroying sidewalks and learn geography and economics along the way. Standard 12.6.4

Author: Eric Enholm, Walnut Junior High

Lesson ID: 279

Digital Divide

Description: The revolution in computers and telecommunications networks and the accelerated rate of this change, along with the global explosion in knowledge, are creating unprecedented changes in the flow of trade, finance, and information in and among nations. New jobs, an explosion in entrepreneurship, access to education, new modes of community building, ease of access to global markets-all of these things, and many more, are dividends of this revolution in information technology. Yet the fruits of the Information Age are out of reach for many in both developed and developing nations. This gap, the "digital divide", threatens to cut off populations from good jobs and the chance to participate in the affairs of the broader society. Explore the global causes and consequences of this inequity through a series of 10 interactive lessons. Standard 10.11 and 12.6.3 economics

Author: International Faculty Council, University of Washington

Lesson ID: 316

Don't Fence Me Out! (Barriers to Trade)

Description: The concept of comparative advantage makes a strong case for free, unrestricted trade among nations. Yet, some people support the use of tariffs or quotas to restrict or stop the international flow of goods and services. These barriers to trade exist in most countries and have differing effects on producers and consumers in the countries involved. Through four contemporary cases, explore the use of trade barriers and their effect. Standard 12.6.2 economics

Author: National Council on Economic Education Staff, Economics Minute

Lesson ID: 327

20 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 12e, Unit 6, International Trade
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