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Showing Grade 12e, Unit 5, Economic Statistics
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A Case Study: Productivity

Description: It is a challenge to understand all of the different productivity measures. Changes in productivity are calculated for the business sector, the nonfarm business sector, manufacturing (including calculations for durable goods and nondurable goods manufacturing), and even nonfinancial corporations. Use charts and graphs to interpret productivity levels and use them to make predictions about the American economy. Standards 12.4.2, 12.4.3, and 12.5.2 ecnomics

Author: Stephen Buckles and Erin Kiehna, Vanderbilt University

Lesson ID: 3

Case Study: The Inflation Rate

Description: Inflation is a sustained increase in the overall level of prices. The most widely reported measurement of inflation is the consumer price index (CPI). The CPI measures the cost of a fixed basket of goods relative to the cost of that same basket of goods in a base year. Changes in the price of this basket of goods approximate changes in the overall level of prices. Federal Reserve monetary policies are designed to increase and decrease the money supply to fend off large fluctuations in the inflation rate. Use the information in this lesson to predict future policies. Standards Econ 12.5.2

Author: National Council on Economic Education

Lesson ID: 190

Economic Forecasting: An Internet WebQuest

Description: You are a partner in an economic forecasting firm called Acme Economic Forecasters (AEF). You and your partners have just received a letter from a business woman in Australia who is interested in moving her guava jelly business to the United States. She has asked you to prepare a report on the expected economic health of the United States economy for the next year. Standards 12.5.0, 12.5.1, 12.5.2, and 12.5.3

Author: Phillip VanFossen, Center for Economic Education

Lesson ID: 339

Economic Indicators

Description: How do economists make their forecasts about the U.S. economy? What are the economic indicators that help forecast economic activity and business cycles? In this lesson you will be able to retrieve up-to-date, key economic statistics that provide valuable hints about the future state of the economy. Standards Econ 12.5 all

Author: Steven Ruff, Tucson Unified School District

Lesson ID: 342

Gold Production

Description: Compare gold production and number of miners over time. Was mining really the way to make a fortune in the mid 19th century? What happened to the rest of the economy when so much gold was dumped into the sytem? Standard 4.3.3, 8.8.2 and 12.2.2, and 12.5.2 economics

Author: Oakland Museum

Lesson ID: 462

Places and Production

Description: Calculate the US GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and compare it to examples from South America, using maps. Use this information to make inferences about per-capita income. Standard 12.5.3

Author: Focus on Economics: Geography, National council for Economic Education

Lesson ID: 824

6 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 12e, Unit 5, Economic Statistics
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