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Showing Grade 12e, Unit 1, Economic Terms and Reasoning
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Land Use Competition

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Description: The city of Rancho Cucamonga has been given the task of developing a 4 square mile area into a productive venture. The area in question is located between Rochester and the 15 freeway, bordered on the south by Highland. There is freeway access and an active railroad line (cargo only). Sewer lines and various other services must be added. Your plan should be able to cover the cost of these additions, and you must convince the community and the planning commission why you represent the best use for the area. A lender must be found that will allow you maximum flexibility and sufficient funds. Your time frame to submit a plan is 10 days. Standard 12.7.5, 12.7.6, and 12.1.1 and 12.1.2

Author: Michael Arenas, Valley View High School

Lesson ID: 630

Ask Dr. Econ

Description: Welcome to the office of Dr. Econ. Here are the answers to many of your economics questions but if you don't find it, submit a question to Dr. Econ himself. Standard economics 12.1 all

Author: Education Coordinator, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Lesson ID: 102

Civil War Andersonville Prison: An Economic Microcosm

Description: How did prisoners in Andersonville Prison cope with the scarce resources they had to provide for their needs? Learn how people deal with scarcity in the face of unlimited economic wants by devising command or market economic systems. Standards 8.10.7 and 12.1.1

Author: Focus on Economics: U.S. History, Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Lesson ID: 225

Debate Over Airport Security--A National Exercise in Cost/Benefit Analysis

Description: Early one morning in late August, a mystery woman in a long, dark coat, left a security screening line in Denver International Airport. Asked to enter the secondary screening line and apparently impatient at the delay, she simply unlatched the elastic barrier, picked up her belongings from the carry-on screening conveyor, and headed for the train to her concourse. This security breach effectively shut down the airport for the remainder of the morning. Using this scenario, discuss the costs and benefits of the newly instituted security measures at airports. Standard 12.1.2 economics

Author: Foundation for Teaching Economics

Lesson ID: 293

Economic Freedom, Political Freedom: Their Meaning, Their Results

Description: How is economic freedom related to political freedom? The Heritage Organization and Freedom House are two "think tanks" dedicated to researching this relationship. Explore the 50 variables that are considered such as property rights, price and wage controls, and banking. Judge for yourself if economic freedom is essential political freedom. Standard 12.1.5 economics 12.2.2 civics

Author: William Luksetich, St. Cloud State University

Lesson ID: 340

Explorations in Economic Supply and Demand

Description: Use the Internet to help Bob find the right place to shop and develop a realistic list of clothes for college when, just before school starts, he suddenly finds that he must pay for everything himself . Standards 12.1.1 and 12.2.5 economics

Author: Kim Sosin, Department of Economics

Lesson ID: 377

Give and Take

Description: How can both the girls and boys basketball teams have access to the scarce resource of prime gymnasium time for their games? Latoya and Jeff were asked by their coach to help schedule the intramural tournament. Here is your chance to help them. Though written for middle school, this lesson is easily adapted for use by older or younger students. Standards 2.4.3 and 12.1.1

Author: Middle School Economics, National Council on Economic Education

Lesson ID: 450

Honoring Property Rights

Description: Examine how the concepts of private property and honor are inter-connected--how expectation of honorable action protects the private property rights of individuals in a civil society. In Part I, reflect on the concept of property, progressing from tangible property to intangible property, including the right of property in oneself. Using quotes from James Madison's Essay on Property (1792) as a starting point, uncover the essential property protections embodied in the Bill of Rights. In Part II, take a closer look at the concept of honor and make the connection between protection of private property rights and honorable action. The group activity in Part III grapples with a hypothetical plagiarism case before the honor court at a fictional university. The activity culminates in Part IV with a discussion, in which students determine why and how an individual acts to honor private property rights. Standards 12.3.1 civics and 12.1.4 economics

Author: Bill of rights Institute

Lesson ID: 509

Is the Tassle Worth the Hassle?

Description: What are the opportunity costs of getting an education? Learn about economic choice, opportunity costs and incentives. Standards 12.1.2 and 12.4.2 economics

Author: , Nebraska Council on Economic Education

Lesson ID: 587

Mystery of the Voters Who Don't Vote

Description: Apply economic reasoning to figure out why many Americans, who love liberty more than most in the world, don't bother to vote even thought they have the opportunity to do so. Standards 12.6.6 civics and 12.1.2 economics

Author: Adapted from a lesson by Mark Schrug, EconEdLink

Lesson ID: 738

14 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 12e, Unit 1, Economic Terms and Reasoning
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