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International Conflict and the Media

Description: Here are 24 activities investigating the role of the media in government and conflict. The Persian Gulf War is the focus of the examination of the relationship between the press, public perception of the conflict, and the resultant influence on U.S. policy. This is a very important citizenship topic in the media age. Standards 10.11, 11.8.7, Government 12.8 all

Author: Andrew Smith, Foreign Policy Association

Lesson ID: 571

One Pictures Changes 1000 Minds

Description: Read and discuss the New York Times article, "News Reports Bolster Support For Bombings," which explains how photographs of Albanian refugees have influenced feelings towards NATO's actions in the Balkans. Choose a photograph and write an essay explaining what you think is happening in the photograph and how it makes you feel. Finally, select and analyze photographs depicting events in the Balkans and create a news photo exhibit. Standards 10.9.5, 11.9.1

Author: Alison Zimbalist and Lorin Driggs, New York Times Learing Network

Lesson ID: 784

Political Advertising

Description: Access Internet sites to learn about common persuasion and propaganda techniques used in political advertising. As a culminating activity develop an advertising campaign for your own candidate.

Author: Aaron Willis, Social Studies School Service

Lesson ID: 831

Presidential Nominating System

Description: Use online news sources and voter information sites to understand the process by which candidates for U.S. president are nominated by the Democratic and Republican parties. Identify and understand differences between primaries and caucuses and key terms and issues related to the primary season. Standards 12.3.2 and 12.6.2

Author: Laura Maupin, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Lesson ID: 851

Propaganda Techniques in Advertising, Media, Politics and Warfare

Description: Learn about the meaning of propaganda and how it has been used. Examples include the use of rock music againt Noriega in Panama by U.S. intelligance, and the uses of propagenda in the Persian Gulf War by both Americans and Iraqis.

Author: Lin and Don Donn

Lesson ID: 863

U.S. v Thomas Cooper

Description: Under the Sedition of Act of 1798, it was illegal to criticize the government of the United States under penalty of fines and/or imprisonment. Lawyer and newspaper editor Thomas Cooper was arrested and tried after publishing a broadside criticizing President Adams. Find out the outcome of this famous test of America's new democracy. Standards 8.3.4, 8.3.7, and 12.8.1 civics

Author: John M. Lawlor, Jr, Reading Area Community College

Lesson ID: 1153

16 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 12, Unit 8, Media and Politics
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