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El Nino Election: A Problem-Based Lesson

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Description: The election for mayor is coming up and your boss, the incumbant, needs a boost in the polls. You have the idea to use the dire predictions about possible El Nino storm damage to rally the people. You arrange for a task force of prominent city leaders to develop a plan to save lives and property in your community. Standards 12.7.5 and 12.7.6

Author: David R. MacDonald, Fillmore Middle School

Lesson ID: 349

Know the Code

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Description: As crime has risen amongst teens, the familiar cry has gone out that this generation is worse than the one before, and unless something is done about it we are doomed as a society. In response to campus crime and the threat of gangs, schools across the country have instituted rigorous dress codes and in some cases, have required students to wear a uniform to school. As the president of your local school board, you are keenly aware of the controversy surrounding school dress codes and have asked that before you and your members render a decision in your district, each affected group present its position. You have received petitions from these groups wishing a time to speak at the next school board meeting. Standards 12.7.5 and 12.7.6

Author: David MacDonald, Fillmore Middle School

Lesson ID: 621

Land Use Competition

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Description: The city of Rancho Cucamonga has been given the task of developing a 4 square mile area into a productive venture. The area in question is located between Rochester and the 15 freeway, bordered on the south by Highland. There is freeway access and an active railroad line (cargo only). Sewer lines and various other services must be added. Your plan should be able to cover the cost of these additions, and you must convince the community and the planning commission why you represent the best use for the area. A lender must be found that will allow you maximum flexibility and sufficient funds. Your time frame to submit a plan is 10 days. Standard 12.7.5, 12.7.6, and 12.1.1 and 12.1.2

Author: Michael Arenas, Valley View High School

Lesson ID: 630

City Council Energy Debate

Description: The city council is planning to buy a large piece of land in your area to build a power plant. What kind of plant should be built? You represent a company that advocates the use of a certain type of energy technology. Can you and your company convince the council to use your energy technology and let your company build the power plant? Use Internet resources to collect information and communicate with other members of the scientific community to make your case. Standard 12.7.5

Author: Marie Kuhn, North High School

Lesson ID: 218

Fostering Change: Government

Description: How do communities foster change through government? Learn about the various levels of government and what their roles and responsibilities are. Examine strengths and weaknesses of our government system. Standard 12.7.1, 12.7.2, and 12.7.3

Author: Deborah Keeth, CSU Humboldt

Lesson ID: 419

National Security - Federal and Local Government Roles

Description: View this C-SPAN video clip of Asa Hutchinson discussing the federal and local government roles in national security, as well as the purpose for the Department of Homeland Security. Discuss the questions provided in order to gain greater understanding of the issue of homeland security. Standard 12.7.2

Author: C-SPAN

Lesson ID: 1539

On the Brink of Collapse

Description: The town in which you live is struggling with so many problems that it is no longer a good place to life. The economic base has eroded, people are fighting among themselves, the schools are struggling, the environment is polluted, and the future looks very bleak. It is up to you to make a plan for reform and figure out a step-by-step implementation. This activity is enrich by viewing The American Promise video "Eagle Pass" and "Chelsea," in Hard Choices, Act 4. Standards 12.7.5 and 12.7.6

Author: Douglas E. Miller, Jeanne Kish, and Lora V. Murphy, Teacher Guide

Lesson ID: 776

Vietnam: Do We Need a Mural?

Description: The mayor of your town has announced a plan to hire a local artist to paint a large mural commemorating the Vietnam War on the side of the downtown public library. But the plan for a mural is causing a lot of controversy in your town. Some citizens don't want the mural at all. Other citizens have different opinions about what the mural should look like. Standards 11.9.3, 11.9.4 and 12.7.5

Author: Gerald McMullin, San Francisco State University

Lesson ID: 1184

8 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 12, Unit 7d, Levels of Government: Local
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