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Showing Grade 12, Unit 6, Campaigns and the Political Process
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How to Judge a Candidate

Description: Elections present voters with many choices that require them to make judgments on candidates and issues. Follow these steps before casting your vote and you will be certain that your choice is a good one. Standard 12.6.4

Author: League of Women Voters

Lesson ID: 540

Mystery of the Voters Who Don't Vote

Description: Apply economic reasoning to figure out why many Americans, who love liberty more than most in the world, don't bother to vote even thought they have the opportunity to do so. Standards 12.6.6 civics and 12.1.2 economics

Author: Adapted from a lesson by Mark Schrug, EconEdLink

Lesson ID: 738

Political Advertising

Description: Access Internet sites to learn about common persuasion and propaganda techniques used in political advertising. As a culminating activity develop an advertising campaign for your own candidate.

Author: Aaron Willis, Social Studies School Service

Lesson ID: 831

The Electoral College: Is it still a plausible system for electing our President?

Description: A presidential campaign is actually a series of statewide races for what is known as the "electoral vote." Each state is given electoral votes equal to its total number of House and Senate members. All of a state's electoral votes go to the statewide winner of the presidential race. A total of 270 electoral votes are needed for a presidential candidate to win the nomination. Discuss the history, the problems, motives, causes and effects of the Electoral College. Identify the motivation behind the positions for or against the Electoral College. Identify the points of view presented on both sides of the issue. Prepare to present that point of view and all details in a formalized Position Paper and/or debate. Standard 12.6.6

Author: Barry A. Bieda

Lesson ID: 1028

Vote Smart Lessons

Description: This series of short lessons includes Who Represents Me? - A Quiz, How Congress Works, Campaign Promises - Election Year Activity, Campaign Promises - Non-Election Year Activity, Track the Candidates, How Do People Decide Who to Vote For?, Types of Ads, and Political Parties - An Online Activity. Standards 12.4.1, 12.6.3, 12.8.2

Author: Project Vote Smart

Lesson ID: 1193

Workers Fight Back

Description: Explore three popular strateies for mass campaigns to create global change: strikes union actions, boycotts, and international "shame" campaigns. Standards 12.4.4 economics, 12.2.2 and 12.7.5 civics

Author: British Colombia Teachers' Federation

Lesson ID: 1287

16 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 12, Unit 6, Campaigns and the Political Process
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