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Showing Grade 11, Unit 8, American Society in the Postwar Era
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America on the Move

Description: This activity guide accompanies the exhibition America on the Move. Through a variety of historical primary-source materials from the exhibition students build a deeper understanding of how transportation shaped American commerce, communities, landscapes, and population migrations. They apply the ideas for the exhibit to their own neighborhoods and communities. Standards 4.4.6, 8.6.2, 8.12.9, and 11.8.7

Author: Smithsonian Institution

Lesson ID: 48

Bracero Program

Description: Examine a set of photos from the Univeristy of California Calisphere collection to answer these questions: Why did the US government sponsor Mexican workers during World War II? Were Mexican workers eager to take part in the Bracero Program? and How did the Braceros travel to the United States? 4.4.3 and 11.8.2

Author: Calisphere

Lesson ID: 1450

Campaign of 1948

Description: In September 1948, President Harry S. Truman hopped aboard the presidential railroad car and began a cross-country campaign odyssey that would take him through 30 states. To shouts of "Give 'em hell Harry!", the feisty Missourian would lash out at the "do-nothing" 80th Congress and reminisce about his childhood in small-town Missouri and his experiences as a farmer. Would you have voted for Truman? Standard 11.8.5

Author: Wayne Ball, Nancy Lewis, Ronnie Moppin, and Mark Spaulding, Truman Presidential Library

Lesson ID: 184

Conservation Movement at a Crossroads: The Hetch Hetchy Controversy

Description: The debate over damming the Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park marked a crossroads in the American conservation movement. Until this debate, conservationists seemed fairly united in their aims. San Francisco's need for a reliable water supply, along with a new political dynamic at the federal level, created a division between those committed to preserving the wilderness and those more interested in efficient management of its use. While this confrontation happened nearly one hundred years ago, it contains many of the same arguments which are used today whenever preservationists and conservationists mobilize. Standards 11.2.2, 11.2.6, 12.7.5, and 12.10

Author: Michael Federspiel and Timothy Hall, American Memory Project 1997

Lesson ID: 254

Constitutional Issues: Watergate and the Constitution

Description: This activity examines the influence of the Constitutional separation of powers in American government on making the choice between prosecuting and pardoning Richard Nixon after Watergate. Actual documents from the National Archives are used. Standards 11.11.4 and 12.5.3 civics

Author: National Archives Digital Classroom

Lesson ID: 256

How Did Post-War Technology and Prosperity Affect Life in the 1950s?

Description: Examine advertisements of various new products that became available in the 1950's and evaluate how they changed people's lives. It will be valuable to supplement this lesson with old magazines from the era, since not all the ads mentioned here are on online. Standard 11.8.7

Author: Council for Citizenship Education, Crossroads Curriculum

Lesson ID: 527

Where Were You in '62? Around the Earth and Around the Country

Description: Follow the steps in this WebQuest, designed by Kathy Schrock to create your own "Web Museum." In the process learn about the music, the media, the polular, and the politics of the 1960's. Standards 11.8.8 and 11.10.0

Author: Kathy Schrock,

Lesson ID: 1248

7 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 11, Unit 8, American Society in the Postwar Era
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