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Tibet Question

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Description: To the Chinese, the international furor over Tibet parallels Western intrigues in Chinese affairs dating back to the 19th Century Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, U.S. support of the Nationalist Chinese during the Chinese Civil War, the Great Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen Square. On the other hand, Westerners, spurred by efforts of the Tibetan exile community and Hollywood feature films like "Seven Years in Tibet" and "Kundun", tend to quickly assume that the Chinese are at fault. The true story about Tibet lies somewhere in between. An international news agency is doing a special on "The Tibet Question". They will be interviewing members of the Tibetan groups, Chinese and US government officials, representatives of human rights organizations and Chinese scholars. You will be assigned to one of these groups in preparation for this news special. Standard 10.10 all,

Author: Mark LaPorte, Temescal Canyon High School

Lesson ID: 1103

What's Next for China and the U.S.?

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Description: You have been contacted by the president of the US and he would like you to give him some advice regarding a country he knows very little about. The president is aware that China is going through a great deal of change - both economic (toward capitalism) and political (the addition of Hong Kong and a change of leadership). He also knows there are factions within China that are incredibly resistant to change. An example of this resistance occurred during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 70s. The President would like you to study this key event and any others you feel are relevant and to prepare a report detailing your view of the effect these changes will have on China and a prediction of how the government will react. Will they reverse their current policies or continue to relax controls? Standards 10.9.4, 10.10, and 11.9.4

Author: W.J. Davis, Walnut High

Lesson ID: 1235

World History Fair and Exposition

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Description: The year 2000 holds enormous significance for humankind. All over the world nations and communities are planning significant millennium activities. The United States will be spotlighting a series of White House millennium projects which celebrate freedom and democracy. We will be sharing our celebration with the world's nations and citizens at the World's Fair, Expo 2000, which will be held in Hanover Germany. The President invites your country to link with us and over 143 nations by participating in Expo 2000. Focusing on the theme of "honoring the past and imagining the future" the United States invites you to develop a virtual electronic pavilion or poster presentation which will outline your countries' recent past, discuss your democratic initiatives, and analyze the challenges ahead of you. Standard 10.10 all

Author: Cheryl Davis, Miramonte H.S.

Lesson ID: 1289

An Exploration of Human Rights Issues in China

Description: By examining and interpreting several cases of human rights abuse in China, students will consider how, if at all, people should take action to protest against human rights violation. The lesson engages students in a simulation by assigning them the roles of witnesses, lawyers on both sides of the conflict, and a human rights panel. Standard 10.10.3

Author: Sandra Abrams, American Forum for Global Education

Lesson ID: 1484

Chinese Cultural Revolution WebQuest

Description: Even those who actually lived through a particular historical period will have different perspectives of what it meant - for them, for others like them, for those who were different to them and for their society as a whole. Each member of your team will become an expert in one individual/family's experience during this time in Chinese history. Then you'll have to come back together to answer a question that gets to the heart of "what's the truth and who says so?'' How did Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution affect the lives of ordinary Chinese - at home and abroad? Standard 10.9.4

Author: Helen Hall, Virtual Schooling Service, Queensland, Australia

Lesson ID: 212

Is Mao Zedong a Hero or a Villain?

Description: In this lesson, students examine Mao Zedong's role in the development of China after World War II. The lesson compares Mao's honor in China to that of other great leaders in America such as Abraham Lincoln, and asks students to analyze the differences. Standard 10.9.4 and 10.10.2

Author: Nina Wohl, American Forum for Global Education

Lesson ID: 1483

Japan in the World: East Asia Security

Description: Students conduct research into the historical context and influences on Japan's current security policy.They will identify the key elements of Japan's security policy as it enters the 21st century, with special attention to the issue of Japan's proper role in ensuring East Asian security. In a culminating simulation, student groups will adopt multiple national perspectives to debate whether Japan's current policy will be sufficient as Japan and Asia approach the 21st century. Standards 10.10.1 and 11.9.2

Author: Diplomats Online

Lesson ID: 598

One China, Two Systems Building a Model of Peaceful Coexistence Between China and Taiwan

Description: In this lesson, students demonstrate an understanding of the term 'peaceful coexistence' and the role that the term plays in the current Chinese process for reunification with Taiwan. Students work in small groups to research and assess the political ideologies, economic stability and national identities of the countries involved in the One China policy. Standard 10.10 all

Author: Alison Zimbalist, The New York Times Learning Network, Lorin Driggs, The Bank Street College of Education in New York City

Lesson ID: 780

Searching For China: A WebQuest

Description: This web activity includes a tour of China and a chance to interact online. Students create a report to the American people. Hypertudio stacks are included to help students with the report. Standards 7.3.5, and 10.10.0

Author: Tom March, SDSU

Lesson ID: 932

The Three Gorges: Should Nature or Technology Reign?

Description: The Three Gorges dam is a hydroelectric project on China's Yangtze River. It represents the largest hydroelectric project in the history of the world. The dam will create a reservoir approximately 400 miles long, permanently submerge approximately 150,000 acres, including 1,500 factories, at least 160 towns and 16 archeological sites and require the resettlement of 1.3 million people. It is designed to generate over 18,000 megawatts of electricity, providing electricity to rural Chinese provinces, and to provide flood management and improved navigation for the upper Yangtze River. Playing the role of an engineer, a local resident, a human rights activist, an environmentalist, a government official, or a historian, research the building of the dam and make a presentation about your position. Standard 10.10.2

Author: Anna Chan Rekate, WNETSchool Master Teacher

Lesson ID: 1083

10 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 10, Unit 10d, Modern China
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