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Showing Grade 10, Unit 10b, Modern Africa
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Project Helping Hands

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Description: In this problem based activity students develop a program through a nonprofit organization "Africare" to improve the quality of life in rural Africa by improving health care, growing more food, and developing water resources while still protecting the environment. Standard 10.10 all

Author: Leanne Westphal, Central Valley Intermediate School

Lesson ID: 862

The Museum Project

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Description: Working in teams by region, you will create a Museum of African Art. Find art on the web and organize an exhibit for others to see and learn. Each object must be annotated as to its origin and significance so the museum so that visitors will come to understand more about African culture. Standards 7.4.3, 7.4.5, 10.4.3, 10.10.1, 10.10.2, and 10.10.3

Author: Carrie Zinn, San Luis Obispo High School

Lesson ID: 1053

Deep in the Bush, Where People Rarely Go

Description: Former Peace Corps volunteer in west Africa, Phillip Martin has found that t is hard to get rid of preconceived stereotypes about Africa It was just as surprising to my friends in America that I saw no lions in West Africa as it was to my Liberian friends that I'd never seen a policeman shoot a criminal on the streets of America. These kinds of misconceptions can be clarified with the activities in this lesson which draw from West African folk tales. This lesson has multiple activities that address the curriculum for several grades and appeal to a wide grade range of students. Standards 7.4.5, 10.4.1, 10.10.1, 10.10.2, and 10.10.3

Author: Phillip Martin, International School

Lesson ID: 304

Eco-Challenges in Africa

Description: Address two of the more pressing issues confronting continental Africa -- the related concerns of growing desertification and the scarcity of clean water. Examine these issues within the context of Africa's development and the environmental, economic, and personal impact they have upon the African people. Explore a variety of Internet resources, learn about Africa's geography and natural resources, read and respond to African art and literature, and write and produce a documentary-style news broadcast report. This lesson supports the PBS Series on Africa. Standard 10.10.1

Author: , PBS Africa Series

Lesson ID: 337

When Things Fall Apart: Exploring African Nations' Colonial Histories Through Traditional Research and Literature

Description: Explore how Chinua Achebe relays his personal experiences and the history of Nigeria through literature by reading and discussing the New York Times article "Chinua Achebe: A Storyteller Far From Home." Then examine how colonialism impacted African nations by conducting traditional research and by analyzing post-colonial literature from those countries. Standard 10.10.2

Author: Alison Zimbalist, The New York Times Learning Network, Debbie Branker Harrod, The Bank Street College of Education in New York City

Lesson ID: 1243

5 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 10, Unit 10b, Modern Africa
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