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Showing Grade 10, Unit 7, Rise of Totalitarianism
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Nazi Germany Through An Examination of the Holocaust

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Description: This is a problem-based unit, in which the students are presented with a real-world situation to produce a news series on the Holocaust, in the context of current pressures from neo-Nazis and others espousing Holocaust Denial theories. The underlying questions relate to the moral and ethical climate of the times, compared to the present. They involve the potential for human evil and unbridled power in the totalitarian state of Nazi Germany, as well as the heroism displayed by individuals who resisted and in some cases triumphed. Standards 10.7.3 and 11.7.5

Author: Peter Milbury, Chico High School

Lesson ID: 752

Creating a Holocaust Monument

Description: In this interdisciplinary art and history activity, students use geometric shapes or forms to create a Holocaust monument. The lesson is appropriate after students have studied the Holocaust enough that they are ready to express some personal response to what they have learned. Standards 10.8.5, 11.7.5, civics 12.3 all

Author: Teachers Guide to the Holocaust, Florida Department of Education

Lesson ID: 271

Rescuers: Those Who Risked Their Lives to Save Others

Description: Many people in the Nazi occupied countries stood idly by as millions of people were rounded up and put to their deaths. However, some risked their lives to help the victims of Nazi persecution during the Holocaust. Read and view photographs relating to several of these compelling stories and write reflective essays based on your exploration. Standards 10.7.3, and 11.7.5

Author: Social Studies School Service

Lesson ID: 895

Rise of Hitler

Description: This is a set of short activities by SchoolHistory in the United Kingdom on the rise of Hitler including, a profile of Hitler from 1889-1945, how Hitler came to power, why people supported Hitler. Standard 10.7.3


Lesson ID: 1380

4 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 10, Unit 7, Rise of Totalitarianism
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