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Showing Grade 8, Unit 12d, Grangerism and Populism
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Populists Advise Progressives

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Description: You are among a group of Populists who have been invited to make an advisory speech to the newly founded Progressive Party. The year is 1900; the location is Madison, Wisconsin. Your group of Populists include the following important leaders: William Jennings Bryan; Mary E. Lease; Tom Watson; William Peffer; Annie Diggs; James B. Weaver; Jerry "Sockless" Simpson; Henry George; Ignatius Donnelly; William A. White; & Davis "Bloody Bridles" Waite. As you present your speech, you will be in the persona of one of these Populist leaders and will be advising the Progressives on how to create needed changes in America. Standards 8.12.8, 11.2.8, 11.2.9

Author: Freda Kelly, Truman Middle School

Lesson ID: 837

Adeline Hornbek and the Homestead Act

Description: Step into the shoes of Adeline Hornbek, a single mother of four who became a successful homesteader in Colorado. Learn about her life through the National Register of Historic Places registration file "Hornbek House" and historical documents. Experience the trials, hardships and acomplishments of frontier life. Standards 5.8.6 and 8.12.8 This would be a great supplemental lesson to support the book Sarah Plain and Tall since it covers the same time period. Standard 5.8.6 and 8.12.8

Author: Laine Weber, Florissant Fossil Bends National Monument

Lesson ID: 25

Grangers and the Populists: Online Multiple-Choice Quiz

Description: Here is a set of 23 questions on the Granger and Populist Movements. They were prepared for the New York Regents Exam review. The questions, the correct answer and an explanation of the answer are provided. Standards 8.12.8 and 11.2.8

Author: , Oswego City School District

Lesson ID: 57

3 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 8, Unit 12d, Grangerism and Populism
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