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Gettysburg Address & the Declaration of Independence

Description: View this 3-minute C-SPAN video of scholars discussing the meaning of the Gettysburg Address and the principles from the Declaration of Independence that Abraham Lincoln referred to in it. Discuss the core principles established by the Declaration and whether it was as or more important than the Constitution. Standards 8.1.2, 8.2.2, 8.10.4, and 11.1.0

Author: C-SPAN Classroom

Lesson ID: 1576

Gettysburg Address, Battlefield Commemoration

Description: Students examine newspaper articles, Civil War letters, battlefield photographs, and battlefield maps to provide historical context for Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Standards 8.10.4 and 8.10.6

Author: Cheryl Mason, University of Virginia

Lesson ID: 447

Interpreting Diaries of the American South

Description: After reading a diary from one of those provided in the archive Documenting the American South students use a visual means of displaying their interpretation of the lives of people in the south before, during, and after the Civil War. Visual presentations will be one of the following: shadow box, poster, PowerPoint using drawings done by the student, brochure, or presenting an item that would have been used during the time that their diary was written. Standard 8.7.2, , 8.7.4, 8.10.7, and 8.11.3 and 8.11.4

Author: Rhonda Sneeden, University of N. Carolina

Lesson ID: 1543

Lincoln: A Photobiography

Description: This unit provides resources for students to focus on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Using Russell Freedman's 1988 Newberry Medal winner, Lincoln: A Photobiography as a jumping off place, students write an essay comparing and contrasting Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, research the presidential campaign of 1860 and create a campaign poster for Lincoln, view photography from the Civil War and write a newspaper article to accompany a photograph, create a biography poster illustrating a chapter from Lincoln: A Photobiography showing the difficulties Lincoln faced throughout his life, design a Dialog Jacket and/or Character Map using Lincoln's famous quotes and writings . Standard 8.10.4

Author: Ellen Fancy

Lesson ID: 669

Memorials and Meaning

Description: Inspired by AMERICAN VISIONS online content, students will explore the historical and cultural meaning of memorials, with a focus on works and structures eulogizing the American Civil War. Using a variety of resources, students will also investigate how the Civil War impacted their community. Standard 8.10.7

Author: Thirteen Ed Online

Lesson ID: 713

The Emancipation Proclamation through Different Eyes

Description: The Emancipation Proclamation is the document that Lincoln felt would cement his name in history. It stated that all enslaved people within the states in rebellion were free. Although the document was not accepted in the Confederacy and therefore did not immediately free any slaves, it is considered one of the most important in American history. The proclamation, controversial in its own time, laid down a pathway for the future and provided a commitment to ending slavery. Standard 8.10.4

Author: Gilder Lehrman

Lesson ID: 1388

Unionism vs. Secessionism in Virginia, November 1860-April 1861

Description: This lesson, part of the Valley of the Shadow project, is a compare/contrast exercise using newspaper articles of the day to analyze opinions and attitudes in Virginia toward staying in or leaving the Union. Teachers may allow students to go on-line for the articles or use them as handouts. Links are provided. Standards 8.10.0, 8.10.1, and 8.10.2

Author: University of Virginia

Lesson ID: 1168

What Do You See? - Using Selected Civil War Photographs, 1860-1865

Description: Make an in-depth analysis of a single photograph from the American Memory collection "Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865." Using the skills developed, find and analyze other images. From your conclusions, develop links between the Civil War and American industrialization. Standards 8.10.6, 8.10.7 and 8.12.1. Analysis Skill Historical Research, Evidence and Interpretation.

Author: Bob Hines and John Day, Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools

Lesson ID: 1220

Who Am I? A History Mystery

Description: Select a mystery character from the Civil War. Then find the primary source objects that hold the key to their identity. Are you up for a challenge? Standard 8.10.5

Author: Smithsonian Institution

Lesson ID: 1254

Who started the Civil War? Comparing Perspectives on the Causes of the War

Description: This lesson plans presents the account of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, a confederate spy during the Civil War. Students are encouraged to find confirming and disconfirming evidence of her perspective on what caused the Civil War by browsing the Documenting the American South Collection of digitized primary sources. Students will learn about the arguments of both the southern and northern positions preceding the Civil War and develop an understanding of point-of-view and bias found in primary source documents. Standard 8.10.0 or Advanced Placement U.S. History

Author: Meghan McGlinn, University of North Carolina

Lesson ID: 1352

30 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 8, Unit 10, Civil War
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