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Corps of Discovery: Voyaging With Lewis and Clark

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Description: The purchase of the Louisiana Territory has doubled the size of the U.S. Lewis and Clark have just returned from their spectacular expedition, but as they are sharing their findings with President Jefferson, they are finding that some of their records are missing. Since you were on the trip and saw everything, you have been asked to help recreate a section of the journey for the official archive. Standards 5.8.3 and 8.8.2

Author: Marilyn Renger, Balboa Middle School

Lesson ID: 262

Extra! Extra! Lewis and Clark Explore America

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Description: Congratulatons! You have been selected to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In the year 2004, the U.S. will establish a National Holiday to commemorate the contributions of these heroic explorers. Your task will be to produce a special edition of the newspaper highlighting the key events of the expedition. Standards 5.8.3 and 8.8.2

Author: Susan Boilon, West Cottonwood JHS

Lesson ID: 389

Gold Mountain: Real Gold or Fool's Gold

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Description: Travel back in time to San Francisco in the 1840's. You will take part in a meeting of one of the Six Companies that serves the needs of Chinese immigrants to California. In China, California was known as Gold Mountain. Each of you will be given a worker "residence certificate" required by the U S government which you must keep with you at all times. Your current job will be listed on the certificate. You will need to research the nature of your job, and report to the company. New Chinese workers are arriving in San Francisco, and you have some American job experience to share with them. You may also want to explore better job opportunities and make decisions about your future. Other immigrants will listen to your report and make career and living choices based on what you say. Standard 4.3.3 and 8.8.2

Author: Kathleen Danzey Cohen, Joaquin Miller Junior High

Lesson ID: 460

Lewis and Clark

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Description: Using excerpts of the text from Lewis and Clark: Explorers of the American West, divide the text by the number of students. Pass out a section to each student and have students walk around the classroom reading their text piece to as many people as possible in a 10 to 15 minute period. After returning to their seats students share out what they learned from the readings they read and listened to. Standards 5.8.3 and 8.8.2

Author: Catarina M. Spiess, Mountain View School District

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Mormon Colony in San Bernardino

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Description: The Mormon Colony in San Bernardino offers a unique look at a microcosym of Western expansion in the 1850's. Learn about the nature of the government that was established, the need for cooperation among the settlers, the mixture of cultures, and their efforts at city planning. Standard 3.3 all, 5.8.6, and 8.8.2


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Native Art of the Northwest Coast for Sale

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Description: Your art brokerage firm has been contacted by a rich businesswoman. She made millions of dollars developing computer games, but her real interest is art. She has a vast collection of European art, but her recent travels to the Pacific Northwest have developed her interest in the Native American cultures of that area. She has decided to add three pieces from that region to her collection. It is your job to research the art of the Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, Kwakiutl, and other tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast to recommend the three pieces to add to her collection. Standard 5.1.0 and 5.1.2

Author: Karen Coates, Instructional Technology Development Consortium

Lesson ID: 745

Perspectives of the Mexican American War 1846 - 1848

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Description: Using pdf files of primary sources materials, create up to four products demonstrating multiple perspectives on the Mexican American War. First, is a postcard showing the sites and describing the events. Second is a political cartoon persuading others to your perspective. Third is a poem from the perspective of one of the leaders in the war. As a culminating activity, create an oral report, written report, dramatic presentation, mural, debate, or diary. Standard 4.2.7, 5.8.5, 5.8.6, and 8.8.6

Author: Kathy Goff, Fontana USD

Lesson ID: 812

Traveling to California with the Donner Party

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Description: With the publication of books, letters and guidebooks proclaiming California to be a paradise, emigrants began to head west. Lansford W. Hastings' The Emigrant's Guide to Oregon and California made the trip sound easy. His suggested cutoff to save time and distance led to one of the most horrific episodes in California's history. The Donner Party's disastrous winter in the Sierra Nevadas in 1846 still holds people's attention. After all these years, people are still trying to discover more about these unfortunate pioneers. In order to fully cover the story of the ill-fated Donner Party accurately, students will compare and contrast Patty Reed's Doll with Across the Plains With the Donner Party. The first book is a work of fiction, while the second is a reminiscence Virginia Reed Murphy (Patty Reed's sister) wrote in her adulthood about the ordeal combined with letters and journal entries her father wrote to relatives back home during the historic journey. Standards 4.3.2, 5.8.4, and 8.8.2

Author: Karen Wiegman, Dolahan School

Lesson ID: 1124

Trial of Standing Bear

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Description: It is 1879 and Judge Elmer Dundy of the U. S. District Court has just issued his judgment in a case involving Standing Bear, a Ponca chief, who was arrested and detained near Omaha, Nebraska, by General George Crook. Standing Bear was accused of leaving Indian Territory where he and his tribe had been forced to relocate from their home in northern Nebraska. You are part of a team of investigative reporters working for a major eastern newspaper whose readers are very interested in events occurring "out West." Your assignment is to assemble a portfolio of interviews and background information that is relevant to the case for publication by your paper. Standards 8.8.2 and 8.12.2

Author: Karen Harness

Lesson ID: 1134

African-Americans in the American West

Description: Examine documents and statistics about the experiences of African Americans who participated in the westward movement. The lesson is divided into four parts, the first calling attention to early contributors to that past, such as William Clark's slave, known only as "York", and to James Beckwourth, who had a long and adventurous career as trader, trapper, scout and interpreter. The second part of the lesson emphasizes the period just before the Civil War, when abolitionists, escaped slaves and free blacks moved into the border states and the disputed territories of Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. The final two sections concentrate on the lives of the Exodusters and other African Americans who sought opportunities as westward pioneers, and on the Buffalo Soldiers. Standards 5.8.3, 5.8.4, 8.8.2, 8.9.6, and 8.11.2

Author: New Perspectives on the West, Public Broadcasting System

Lesson ID: 1444

44 lessons found; showing 10 per page, sorted by Title...
Showing Grade 8, Unit 8, American West: 1800-1850
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