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Grade 11:
U.S. History and Geography: Continuity and Change in the 20th Century

Unit Description
1 Evolution of Democracy in America
2a Industry and Urban Issues
2b Immigration
2c Social Darwinism and Social Gospel
2d Populists and Progressives
3 Religion and Society
4a U.S. Foreign Policy: 1870s-1940s
4b World War I and the U.S.
5 1920s: The Jazz Age
6 The Great Depression and the New Deal
7 World War II
8 American Society in the Postwar Era
9a UN, IMF, World Bank, and GATT
9b NATO, SEATO, and the Cold War
9c McCarthyism
9d Truman Doctrine
9e Berlin Blockade
9f Korean War
9g Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis
9h Atomic Policy
9i The Vietnam War
9j Latin America Policy
9k Relationship of Foreign and Domestic Policies
9l Reagan Policy
9m Middle East Policy
10a The Civil Rights Movement in the Postwar Era
10b Women's Rights: 1870s - Today
11 The U.S. Since 1975

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