Wappo Indians of Napa County


Grass Game: A game for two or more players. One player holds a few small bones in his hand. He shuffles them back and forth, swaying and singing, trying to confuse the opponent. When he stops, his opponent guesses what hand the bones are in. The first player to score 12 points wins.

Shinny: Two teams of six players each. One player guards the goal. The other players kick a ball made of madrone root towards the other team's goal, which is up to a half mile away. There were no time outs or rest periods.

Stick Dice: A game for women played with a small bone from a deer knee. The bone is tossed like a die. Different amounts of points were earned when the bone landed on a particular side. 12 points would win the game.

Stick Guessing Game: Played with approximately 50 sticks. Opponents would try to guess how many over a multiple of 8 were in the holder's hand.

Try this: Play one of the games played by the Wappos with your friends. Does it remind you of any game that you already knew about?

Internet connection: Research games from around the world. Look for differences in the rules and equipment. Are there any games that are played everywhere by everybody?

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