Wappo Indians of Napa County

Animals They Hunted

The Wappos ate the foods that were around them. They hunted deer, bears, and squirrels. They collected and crushed acorns to make a mush. They caught fish with their hands.

This chart lists the names of the animals, insects, birds, and fishes that were eaten by the Wappos along with the wappo word.


Food Wappo Name
abalone hile
clam pitsi
crab mena-tea'mata
mussel gujic
lamprey eel cot
turtle mitce
salmon melkawa
trout homem
geese lok
duck k'aiya
blue jay ts'ai
pigeon opel
quail pipi
woodpecker palite
yellowhammer ts'ui
crane k'ek
deer kecu
grizzly tsita
fox euwi'ima
wildcat pa'mala
raccoon tika
rabbit yenic
gray squirrel hot
mice solko
gopher pep
grasshopper tsi
caterpillar li
snail hutu

Try this: What animals still live in Napa Valley? Name all the wild animals that you have seen. Contact the California Department of Fish and Game for information on local animals.

Internet connection: Research the animals listed above. What are their diets, habits, and homes? What about Napa Valley's climate and geography makes it possible for the animals to survive here?

Visit: The Boothe-Napa Valley State Park just south of Calistoga and go on a nature walk.

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