Wappo Indians of Napa County


The Wappo Indians had no written language. They shared their ideas, stories, and feelings by speaking only. Stories and customs were passes down by parents to their children.

Their name has been spoken and written many way. Here are a few: Ashochimi, Caymus, Guapos, Mayacama, Mishewal, Rincon, Wapo, Wappa, and Wattos.

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Place Names
City Wappo Name Meaning
Calistoga Nilektsonoma Chicken Hawk Place
Pacheteaus Meywahlennoma Water Coming Up Village
St. Helena Anakotanoma Bull Snake Village
Ritchey Creek Kaliholmanok Naked Woods People Friendly
Alexander Valley Unutsawaholmanoma Toyon Bush Berry Place
Geysers Tekenantsonoma Mineral Mouth Village
Mt. St. Helena Kanamota Human Mountain

Numbers, People, and Verbs

English Wappo English Wappo
one pawa move eyeoomeye
two hopi build a house oheyelmy
three hopoka pound acorn oheyetsoomy
four ola lay down ohkeymy
five kata boil oakahma
six patenauk hit ohlaytahmy
seven hopitenauk dance ohlalmy
eight hopihan make ohmaseye
nine pawalak sew ohnamy
ten mahais drink ugsha
eleven mahaispawlewin sit down shaseyekeye
twelve mahaishopilewin be hungry ha'goosha
one hundred mahaishol shoot arrow hayeye'sha
son eh'gay stand ha'lkeye
brother eh'pay cut hokea'tsa
sister eye'yehpeh carry on shoulder hoona'seye
husband eh'o hunt hala'why
woman meh'teh build fire koo'tie
wife meh'seye eat mush ka'lie
mother nayay fish with hook la'kama
girl pitsay'lay dig may'ameye
father ay'yeah give mayha'seye
man keh'oh get mayla'ooshy
children oakeh'toe go in water mate'aeyeseh

Source: Earl E. Covey, Cultural Resources Manager/ Historian Mishewal-Wappo Tribe, Santa Rosa

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