Transportation Types and Famous Adventurers Involved

Keelboats and Mike Fink

Text (scroll down to keelboats)


Mike Fink-Use encyclopedia for information

Clermont Steamboat and Robert Fulton

Text & Picture:

Robert Fulton:

Letter from Fulton to Pres.:

The Erie Canal and De Witt Clinton

The Erie Canal Homepage:


De Witt Clinton:

The Wilderness Road and Daniel Boone

Wilderness Road:

How to Build a Road:

Daniel Boone: http:/

"Old Ironsides" Locomotive and Matthias Baldwin


Steam Locomotives:

Old Ironside picture:

Supplement Resources or Materials:

Encyclopedias will be needed for research along with computer access. Mike Fink and Matthias Baldwin are not well represented on the Internet but have good biographies in the World Book encyclopedia and various CD-Rom encyclopedias. Outline maps of the United States will be needed. Having a costume box with items such as hats, suit coats, etc. would be a great help for the presentations.

Background Information That Might Be Helpful

Historical Information on Boone:

The Adventures of Col. Daniel Boone by Daniel Boone:

Daniel Boone's Last Hunt:

Daniel Boone's Life Through Paintings:

Early American Trails and Roads:

Taming the Wilderness with Rivers, Roads, Canals, and Railroads:

Print Resources: All available as paperbacks

Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road, Catherine Chambers, 9/98

The Wilderness Road, James Reasoner, 3/96

Daniel Boone, Wilderness Explorer, Walter Retan, 1992

Pioneer Children of Appalachia, Joan Anderson, 1986

Children of the Wild West, Russell Freedman, 9/92