The Wilderness Ride : Rivers, Roads, Canals, & Railroads


News Flash!

An American frontier theme park is opening in your home town. The featured adventure rides will be forms of transportation used in the late 1700's to early 1800's to journey west across the Appalachian Mountains. Bids are now being taken for building models of keelboats, the Clermont steamboat, the Erie Canal, the "Old Ironside" locomotive and the Wilderness Trail. Each ride will need to represent a historically accurate time and place.You also need a map of where the mode of transporation would have been used. Auditions for qualified guides will take place on Friday. Please appear in an authentic costume to represent the 5 characters: Mike Fink (keelboats), Robert Fulton (steamboat), De Witt Clinton (Erie Canal), Matthias Baldwin (locomotive), and Daniel Boone (Wilderness Trail). Bring your speech prepared to tell your life story and the history of your transportation type. Good luck bidders and thank you for helping recreate history!

Learning Advice

You will be collecting a lot of information, so it is important to stay organized. Write down your main ideas, draw pictures, sketch maps, or print one page from a site you visited. Keep your material in your folder. You must become very familiar with the historical figure you have chosen to "become" so you can accurately represent the era. As you read biographical information try to put in the character's words for your speech. A simple costume with a prop or hat will often be enough to allow you to become that character. Speaking from memory is best, but giving your teacher your speech to prompt you will work when you are just beginning.


You will be evaluated on the following:

Susan Boilon
West Cottonwood Jr. High
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