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Grade Level:
Grade 5 U.S. History & Geography: Making a New Nation
Unit 8 Immigration


H/SS Standards Grade 5:

Language Arts Standards Grade 5

Information Literacy Skills:

Lesson Purpose

Gather information on the main ethnic groups that came to the United States in the big waves of immigration. Research the port of entry, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Produce a presentation of information and concepts gathered.


Length of Lesson: Approximately 2 weeks

Supplemental Resources and Materials:


Smith A.G., Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Coloring Book, Dover Publications, 1985
Smaridge Norah, The Tallest Lady in the World, Weekly Reader Books, 1986
Perl Lila, The Great Ancestor Hunt, Clarion, 1989
Freedman Russell, Immigrant Kids, Scholastic Inc.


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