Post Cards of Sutter's Fort

The Main Building before Restoration

The Walls and the Courtyard of Sutter's Fort










The Recreated Rooms of the Fort







The Back of an old Post Card

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Student Activity 7

Postcard to a Friend

After visiting the Postcard Section of the Virtual Museum, you will look at this picture of a classroom of long ago. Imagine that you are one of these children. You have visited Sacramento and saw what was left of Sutter's Fort. Write a postcard to a friend of what it was like to be in Sacramento and what you saw at the fort site. The teacher can print the picture of the back of the postcard for the students to write on. The student can draw the postcard picture of Sutter's Fort themselves. The completed postcards can be punched and strung together with sticks and string to form "mobiles" like those made by the artist Alexander Calder.

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