Plans of Sutter's Fort

By 1920, the fort was restored to the way it looks today. The walls and the buildings of the fort were rebuilt according to the Grunsky map but the current reconstruction is based on the Kunzel map of 1848.



Compare the plans of the "original" floor plan (above) to the plans of the rooms today.

The current plans of the fort rooms (below) are made to give visitors a feel for the way the fort could have looked when John Sutter lived here.

The Sacramento Bee has a plan of Sutter's Fort


Student Activity 6

Build a Model of Sutter's Fort

This is a group activity directed by the teacher. The teacher will print out the parts of the MODEL. These include the three parts of the Plan of Sutter's Fort, the Main Building and the Roof and Gate. The plan parts can be cut out and put together and then enlarged 200 % at a copy place like "Kinkos". The other pictures of the building can be spray mounted on cardboard and then cut out and put together with glue or tape.

Supplies: You can recreate the rest of Sutter's Fort to the scale of the main building. You can use glue, tape, cardboard,, foam-core board, colored paper, colored pencils, paint and other materials that are appropriate for building the model of the fort.

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