Click the pictures to see it larger. The Links are to Sutter's Fort Today.

These Pictures show the exterior of Sutter's Fort around 1939.

 Flying over K Street.
 Sutter's Fort from L Street.
 The fort, from L Street.
 The Main Gate. See view 1  The Side Gate. See view 19.  The pond along K Street.
 At the Main Gate, 1939.
 The main building, 1907.
 Main building, looking east.

These Pictures show the People celebrating the 1939 Centennial.

 Woman on canon, 1939.
 The main building, 1939.
 John Sutter's bedroom.
 Sutter's Office.
 Sutter's Office, Picture 2
 The fort's kitchen.
 The Bakery of the Fort.
 The Blacksmith Shop.
 The Blacksmith, Picture 2.

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