The Task
Use these online resources to learn about the early suffragists. Remember, you're looking for a woman who lived during the time period 1800 to 1850. Then, use these and other sources to decide on the woman you think was most important to the early suffragist movement. Write a letter to the post office persuading them to commemorate your choice and use your stamp design.

The Women:

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" woman neither at man's feet nor above his head, but on an even platform by his side."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton in her address to the Proceedings of the first anniversary of the American equal rights association.

Abigail Adams, American First Lady - One of the first women to call for women's rights.

Susan B. Anthony, Abolitionist and Writer - Worked to start the women's rights movement.

Clara Barton, Nurse - Known as the angel of the battlefield.

Dorothea Dix Nurse, activist

Amelia Jenks Bloomer, Editor and Writer -published and edited "Lily," the first prominent women's rights newspaper.

Margaret Fuller, Writer and Activist - Literary critic, free thinker, Transcendentalist leader, editor, teacher.

Matilda Joslyn Gage,Writer - Radical feminist thinker and historian whose writings shaped her times.

Sarah and Angelina Grimke, Activists and Writers - Fought the injustices of slavery, racism and sexism.

Julia Ward Howe, Song Writer - wrote "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" as an inspiration to Union soldiers fighting against slavery.

Lucretia Mott, Leader and Activist - Advocated the idea that slavery was sinful and must be abolished.

Elizabeth Oakes Smith - Writer and almost nominated President of the Woman's Rights Convention, but rejected because she arrived wearing a dress which left her arms and neck showing.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Leader, Activist, and Writer - The founding genius of the women's rights movement. Be sure to read Ms. Stanton's address to Proceedings of the first anniversary of the American equal rights association, held in May 1867.

Lucy Stone, Leader, Activist, and Writer - Took the lead in organizing the American Woman Suffrage Association.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Writer - Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, the first major American novel to feature a Black hero.

Mary Church Terrell, Leader and Activist - President National Association of Colored Women

Sojourner Truth, Abolitionist and Speaker - Spoke for the antislavery movement and for women's rights.