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I am Dr. Maxine Norton. I invented the past-viewer machine. With my past-viewer machine we have learned that a very special eighth grader inspired a young girl to grow up and become the first woman president. This eighth grader designed a commemorative stamp to honor the most important Women's Suffrage Pioneer.

But something went wrong in the time continuum. We have lost the history of that stamp in our time - 2080. We believe that one of you is destined to create the stamp, convince the Post Office to use your design, and set the time continuum right

My past-viewer tells me only that the stamp was designed by an eighth grader. It was to commemorate an early suffragist living between 1800 and 1850. Please! Find the famous suffragist who lived between 1800 and 1850, design a stamp to commemorate her life, and convince the Post Office to use your design.

Connie Hendrix, CTIS
James Lick Middle School

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Last Revised: 5/8/01