View all of the sites listed under your selected topic, battle or event of the War of 1812, reading all pertinent information carefully. Be sure to take notes as suggested and to write down the bibliography information of the citation on your information sheet. Don’t forget to look at the sites listed for general information as they can provide valuable resources too.

Guide To Reading Historical Documents
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The Burning of Washington City
Battle of Baltimore/Fort McHenry
Photo of Fort McHenry
Frances Scott Key (information included in Battle at Fort McHenry)
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The Battle on Lake Erie
Photo of the U.S. Brig Niagara - Oliver Hazard Perry’s ship - little print information
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Oliver Hazard Perry - commander of the U.S. Brig Niagara

The Battle of New Orleans
Check out item #7 "A National Hero - The Battle of New Orleans,
Winter 1814-1815"

Impressment of American Sailors
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Causes of the War

War Hawks of 1812
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James Madison
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Hartford, Conn. Convention
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The Land Battle of Baltimore - Battle of North Point
You will reach a wonderful menu - click on Battle of North Point
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Battle of Tippecanoe
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Outline of the War

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