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This supplemental unit to the third grade California Social Science Standards on Continuity and Change was developed for the Schools of California Online Resources for Education History-Social Science project which is funded by the California Technology Assistance Program (CTAP) and the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA).

Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness, however, contents of links on the World Wide Web change continually. Review all links before using web resources with students.

Objectives and Standards

The Virtual Trail will enable students to demonstrate understanding of California History-Social Science Standard 3.1 Students describe the physical and human geography and use maps, tables , graphs, photographs, and charts to organize information about people, places and environments in a spatial context by:

1. identifying geographical features found in their local region

In this Virtual Trail, students will identify and represent spatially the geographical features found in the Santa Barbara area, from the Pacific Ocean to the Santa Ynez Valley and areas in between.

Using this site

Children using the Internet must be closely supervised. If your students are using a live Internet connection, you must position yourself in order to monitor their progress frequently. Another option is to use a program such as Web Whacker or Web Buddy to download (“whack”) this site onto your classroom work station(s). The site can then be used without a live connection to the Internet and will require less supervision.

Description of Materials and Activities

Students will create a map of the Santa Barbara area as they work online. They will need a sheet of white drawing paper, crayons or markers, and a work area or clipboards adjacent to the workstation.

The Where is Santa Barbara? activity focuses on the physical location of Santa Barbara, from the context of the solar system down to the local region.

The Start Trail activity covers three geographical features: the coast, the hills, and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Students start their map during this activity.

The Finish Trail covers three more geographical features: the Santa Ynez River, Santa Ynez Valley, and Lake Cachuma. Students finish their map during this session.

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