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The Santa Ynez River


Have you ever seen a river? Have you ever been to Red Rock? Red Rock is a part of the Santa Ynez River.

A river is a body of water that flows, like a big stream or creek. Little creeks join other little creeks until there is enough water to form a river. There are big rivers, like the Amazon River or the Mississippi River, and there are smaller ones, like the Santa Ynez River.

The Santa Ynez River gets bigger and flows faster in the winter and spring because its water comes from rain, underground water and melting snow. In the summer, it slows down and parts of it get shallow and dry.

Animals live near the river because they can get water there. Watch for lizards, king snakes, birds, coyotes, squirrels, raccoons, and others. Plants and trees also grow near the river, including oaks, aspen, bay, poison oak and a bush called mugwort.

To Do

• In pencil, copy the Santa Ynez River from the map above.

• When you like it, color it and label it “Santa Ynez River.”


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