Henry Kaiser
        Henry Kaiser brought technology to Fontana as A. B. Miller brought innovations. He chose Fontana as the site to build a huge steel plant. The steel manufactured at the Fontana location provided materials for the war against Germany and Japan. Community members were employed and revenue was brought into the city.
        For over thirty-seven years the plant provided steel, and later iron, to the world. As time changed, manufacturing shifted to other locations, such as Japan, workers began being laid off. In 1979, the Fontana Kaiser Steel plant closed its doors.
        Today the site is home to the California Speedway, another opportunity for employment and revenue in the city.
The Kaiser Steel plant was located at 9400 Cherry Avenue, Fontana, CA 92335.
How did World War II affect the steel plant in Fontana? What impact did the location of the railroad have on the plant? Why would industries move their business out of the United States to other countries such as Japan?