A. B. Miller
        If not for the insight of a man with a vision Fontana might not be the growing city that it is today. One hundred years after Don Antonio Maria Lugo, the earliest recorded landowner received a land grant, A. B. Miller founded Rosena, or as we know it, Fontana.

        Azariel Blanchard Miller was born on September 5, 1878, in Redlands, California. He died on April 13, 1941, in Fontana, California. During his lifetime he left his imprint in the Valley through his clever ideas and ingenuity for business opportunities.
        As the President of Fontana Farms, Fontana Land Company, Fontana Union Water Company, Fontana Power Company, B. B. Company, and Miller Livestock Company he utilized his knowledge to organize commerce that benefited the agriculture in the area as well as the community member. One such business venture was the “Triangle Trade” he arranged with the city of Los Angeles. (To read more about this click on the hogs.)

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What type of partnership might there have been between A. B. Miller and Henry Kaiser if A. B. Miller hadn’t died in 1941?