Cars, Cars, & More Cars
      As people moved to Fontana the modes of transportation shifted from walking, riding horseback, and traveling in covered wagons to quicker methods such as cars and trains. Access to the city improved and it became more populated. The simple dirt road made way for the paved street, highway, and eventually freeways!

      Historic roadways such as Route 66, also known as Foothill Blvd., surround the city of Fontana. As commuters travel this road from east to west they can gain access to several freeway locations that allow them to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.
        In addition to the many upgraded roads in the city businesses have felt the impact of time. Kaiser Steel closed its doors in 1979, but the location sprang to life once again as the California Speedway was built in the late 1990s.
Foothill Boulevard is the name of Route 66 through Fontana. Travel the street from east to west. Take pictures of buildings and interesting objects that have withstood the test of time on the historic road.
Progress is the word used when people speak about the growth of a community. How has technology impacted the progress in the city of Fontana? (Hint: What new businesses have moved into the city and how does this impact the community?)