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President's Day


An Educational Virtual Museum for
Primary Students

Authored by Sheila A. Simmons
Penryn Elementary School District

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 Teacher ImageThe virtual museums on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are designed for primary students and classroom use.  Students will enjoy browsing through the respective museums individually, with a partner or as a part of a group.  Teachers will find a number of President's Day Activities, Literature Recommendations and a Bibliography to assist them with their studies of Lincoln and Washington.  In addition, interested teachers are encouraged to e-mail the author for PowerPoint Presentations on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.   These presentations can be shown whole class, utilized in a computer lab or viewed on individual computers.  Please indicate in your message which version of Microsoft PowerPoint you currently operate under. 

Comments and questions may be directed to Sheila A. Simmons.

Last revised Mon, Dec 22, 2003