A. Electronic – General Information

You may organize the information you gather from the internet using this form. Be sure to use a separate form for each website you visit.

B. Electronic – Biographical Information: Populists & Progressive Personalities

1. Populists: Biographies

2. Progressives: Biographies

You can find biographical information about the following Progressives at

    Alice Paul John Llewellyn Lewis
    Gifford Pinchot John Spargo
    Carl Sandburg Ray Stannard Baker
    W.E.B. Dubois Robert W. Hunter
    Lincoln Steffens Booker T. Washington
    Robert La Follette, Sr. Jane Adams
    Woodrow T. Wilson Samuel Gompers
    Oliver W. Holmes, Jr. David Graham Philips
    Martha Carey Thomas William M. Trotter
    Samuel S. McClure Upton Sinclair
    Francis Perkins Charlotte P. Gilman
    Eugene V. Debs Mary McLeod Bethune
    Clarence Darrow Emmaline Pankhurst
    David W. Griffith Frank Norris
    Carrie Chapman Catt Mary H. "Mother" Jones

1. Progressive Issues & Concerns: 1900-1915

    a. Women’s Rights
    b. Labor Issues
    c. Political Reforms
    d. Social Reforms
    e. Foreign Policy
    f. Immigration (This is a great search engine for these topics)

C. Printed (Primary Sources)

    Clanton, Gene. Populism: The Humane Preference in America, 1890-1900.
    Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1991. (Great pictures of Populists)

    Hofstadter, Richard, ed. The Progressive Movement. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:
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    (Speeches, songs, poetry)

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D. Printed (Secondary Sources)

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