Country Background Market Worksheet

1. Population  
2. Income Level
3. Income Distribution  
4. Education Level
5. Geography
6. Age Distribution
Cultural Issues That Might Effect Product Sales
7. Gender Roles  
8. Freedom of Travel
9. Law and Order (theft, drinking laws, etc...)
10. Concerns about health and exercise
11. Pollution Concerns
12. Social Class Mores  
13. Values placed on profit and wealth
14. Rural vs. Urban Distribution
15. Other Factors that would be important to how a bike could be used, such as who could buy it, how much the customer could spend, what kinds of repairs would need to be made, etc...
Factors That Would Affect Marketing and Distribution
16. Roads/ Railroads/ Ports
17. Types of retail outlets/ stores/ catalogs/ Internet.
18. Availability/ cost of other forms of transportation.  
19. Type and stability of government
20. Corruption
21. Crime
22. Human Rights Issues
23. Trade organizations in which the country is involved.
24. Environmental/ Labor laws