Bike Models

Cruiser/Transportation Model

This model is designed to ride on paved roads. It can be used for basic transportation and hauling. The frame is designed for the rider to sit upright for comfort. The lowest model has no gears, but it is very easy to maintain. In hilly terrain or for longer commutes, the higher end bike in this category will provide an easier ride because of their lighter weight and gears. Tires on these bikes have a larger radius.

  • Low-steel frame, no gears, balloon tires, upright seating, high handle bars $80US ($70 wholesale)
  • Mid-Oversize one tube chromoly frame, 6 gears, cantilever brakes-alloy resin brakes, comfort seat $200US ($150 wholesale)
  • High-Aluminum frame and chromoly brake fork, 21 speeds, frame angled for comfort
  • with upright handle bars, smooth tires. $500US ($350 wholesale)
Mountain Bike Model

These bikes are designed for rougher terrain. Because of their heavy duty frames, suspension systems, and thicker tires: they are designed for unpaved roads and steep inclines. The higher end bike in this category can be used on rocky, step hill sides.

  • Low-hi-tensile steel frame, bolted back wheel, quick release front wheel, front suspension only, 7 gears, $199US ($110 wholesale)
  • Medium- Oversized tube chromoly frame, quick release tires, 21 speeds, front and back wheel suspension system, $299US ($199 wholesale)
  • High-Aluminum main frame, full suspension (front, rear, and swingarm) 24 speeds, $499US ($399 wholesale)
Racing Bike Model

These light weight, narrow tire bikes are designed for speed. Although, they may be ridden for some distance, they are not designed for comfort. These models are suitable for very good roads.

  • Low-Chomoly frame, 10 speeds, drop handle bars, $199US ($110)
  • Medium-aluminum frame with bonded carbon fork, 16 speeds, $299US ($199 wholesale)
  • High-titanium frame with bonded carbon fork, front and rear derailleurs, 24 speeds, $999US ($699 wholesale)