President Bill Clinton is very concerned about having peace in the world. He wrote this about the importance of peace for all people.



"Working for peace can take many forms.  Protecting the environment, reaching out to people in our communities, and stopping the spread of violence and crime are all things that we can do together to improve our nation and world." 


-- President Bill Clinton



Protecting the environment is something all of us can do to make a better world.  Go to this website and review 6 simple things you can do to make the world a better place.  Draw a picture that shows one of the things you learned on this page. 



Stopping violence and crime will make the world safe and peaceful for everyone.  Write a letter to the President and tell him you support his plans to help stop violence and make America a more peaceful place.


Remember, to live a peaceful life you must

  Respect yourself and others.

Talk out your problems.

   Be a good listener,

   and show love.

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