W  O  R  L  D     P  E  A  C  E    


This is a four lesson unit about a dream to have


Lesson 1 - Typing              Lesson 2 - Reading                   Lesson 3 - Activities          Lesson 4 - Letter Writing                          


Introduction:  Students, before you begin, talk about the questions below with your teacher or parents.

Lesson One: Typing and Wishing

Directions:  In this lesson you will practice finding the letters that make the word, peace, on the keyboard.                                                              

Click here and type the word  PEACE  10 times.  Each time you type the word, make a wish for. . .


Ask your teacher to help you send the email.


Remember, to live a peaceful life you must

Respect yourself and others.

Talk out your problems.

Be a good listener

and show love.



This unit was written especially for you by Mrs. Garrison

Teacher Notes