Fact Finding Tasks

During the fact-finding phase, each expert group will accomplish a different task.

Economists: Create a chart which explains which countries were involved in World War I, how much money they spent, and what financial losses they incurred.

Geographers: Find information which will help you to create a map with a legend, which will show what Europe should look like after the War.

Ethicists: Consult at least three sources, including leaders from the countries represented at this conference, to help you determine who caused the War. 

Military Historians: Create a chart which details what military power exists in each of the countries present, and which, if any, militaries will be restricted under terms of the Treaty.
Additionally, list the number of casualties from each country.

Ambassadors: Meet with your country at the beginning of today’s meeting to create a plan of action. Write a journal entry which explains the activities and progress of your country.

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